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Brace Yourself! Combat Training Module 3 Now Available


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The giantess Tadc and her bear companion, Terrorpaw, have seized a group of terrified villagers and hold them in Tadc's lair. A rescue party has been assembled to free the villagers and end the giantess's reign of fear over the land.

The third in our series of Combat Training modules, Brace Yourself deals with fighting creatures. Both the foes in this module (the giantess Tadc and her bear companion Terrorpaw) are larger and stronger than the characters, and use different tactics when fighting. They therefore require a different approach if they are to be defeated.

Brace Yourself! explores the options available to both players and GMs, and shows how different fighting styles can be used to handle multiple foes simultaneously. It also shows the importance of terrain and advantageous positioning - useful things to exploit no matter what size the opponent.

As with all the Combat Modules in this series, Brace Yourself! includes a tactical map and downloadable tokens for use at the table or in a virtual tabletop environment such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.

Brace Yourself! Is $3.99 for the PDF, or $9.99 for the POD edition (with free PDF and tokens, and available via Lulu and DrivethruRPG).




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We played this last weekend.
We went in thinking we had a plan but that sort of fell apart... and boy that giant hits hard!
We did manage to win out in the end... but some of our PCs are going to need medical treatment and maybe a prosthetic leg.

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On 11/14/2021 at 8:29 AM, Runeblogger said:

Here's a review I wrote:

Review of Brace Yourself! Combat Training Module   👈😮

Nice review Runeblogger. My group recently played this module and it was very helpful in learning Mythras.

Check out our homebrew rules for freeform magic in BRP ->

No reason for Ars Magica players to have all the fun!

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IMHO the best way to use the Combat Modules is: 
1. Play them with your players using the Pregens. If they make some dumb descisions, it is only Pregens thsat bite the dust, not their beloved characters. 
2. Use the same encounter in your regular campaign a few weeks later (after you played another scenario). 

The players will recognise the set up, will remember their descisions from the "test run", and will do much better in this scenario, as well as any similar situations after the played this. 

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