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Monastic Retreat Solo

Did your character go mad, with some kindly monastics nursing them back to health? Is your fearsome killer returning before taking final vows to avenge their child’s death? In either case, you might want to know how the experience has changed them.

1) First year: you may donate money, if you desire to acquire a higher standard of living, or out of piety (check Generous in the latter case).
2) If Christian, decide if you will accept a mortification (Spiritual check if so).
3) Check Religion.
4) Check each religious trait of your faith.
5) Learn humility and obedience: The monastery chooses where your training points for the year are spent. First Aid, Orate, Read (Latin), Religion, or Stewardship are likely choices, as is the Modest trait (for Christians) or Love (deity) passion.
6) Do not roll for childbirth this year, save if Pagan.

Bad Monastic Retreat Solo

This didn’t turn out the way you planned - or did it?

1) Every year: Choose to donate to acquire a higher standard of living or just to waste money (double Glory for the latter)
2) Check Religion.
3) Check one religious trait of your faith.
4) Check Worldly and any of the following that are not your religious skills: Lustful, Lazy, Proud, Worldly, Indulgent.
5) Learn… something?: The monastery chooses where your training points for the year are spent. Bow, Flirting, Gaming, Hunting, Play, or Singing are popular skills, or the GM may choose to reduce a Passion of their choice by 1.
7) If you checked Lustful, roll for childbirth.

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26 minutes ago, SaxBasilisk said:

I'm comparing it to the pilgrimage rules in Paladin, which give all those plus checks in a Passion and an Attitude. Is that too much, or is there a difference between the two settings?

Ah, but Paladin is much more generous in that arena than KAP. I would use a modification of Tizun and Hzark10. 

Let them roll for some of the religious traits, and if they make the roll they get the check. If they crit the roll - give them the bump without another check.

This is a very cool idea btw.

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Although the base system is basically the same, there are indeed differences between the two.  Part of that is what each system is trying to portray and the story they are telling. How each PK interacts with the world also differs.  But, if you really like a certain aspect of one, YPMV is allowed. After all, it is your game and the story you are telling is unique.

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I did something like this once, but it wasn’t meant to be a regular solo — it was a special event in which the PKs spent the Winter Phase at the monastery of an actual saint.  Autochecks to Religion (Christian), and Read Latin if the PK already had it; they could test the Christian* Traits and Spiritual, and potentially get checks in those.  If a PK succeeded in all of those rolls (neither did), they would have had the option to take a Love God Passion.

*In normal Pendragon, Roman Christian — we’re using the pre-5e setup in which there is only one set of Christian Traits.

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