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Visual guide to the Aztec pantheon


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Wow, that is superb!


The Silver best-selling The Children of Hykim documents Glorantha's shape-changing totemic animal people, the Hsunchen. "Magisterial ... highly recommended" - Nick Brooke. "An amazing labor of love" - Evan Franke, Exploring Glorantha. "A deep dive" - Joerg Baumgartner. "Excellent sourcebook, well-written and well-researched" - Niall Sullivan. "Lovingly detailed and scholarly, and fun to read" - John H.

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I'd seen this guy's artistic take on the Aztec gods before, but I was unaware he had done a website! Thanks for the link!


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19 hours ago, simonh said:

A really nice way to show and break down the visual and thematic elements in Aztec iconography. Not directly applicable to Glorantha of course, but indirectly highly applicable I think.


This is a great example of how to teach mythology to kids.  A really well produced website.  I am also a fan of the sheer ghastliness of the Aztec pantheon regardless.  One of the few true horror religions.

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