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BRP for Foundry VTT & Misc. Licensing Questions


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I am interested in developing an implementation of the Basic Roleplaying system within Foundry Virtual Tabletop. I understand that Call of Cthulhu 7e and RuneQuest are already under development in both an unofficial capacity by the Foundry community and an official capacity by Ariel Sawicki, but I was hoping to provide BRP as a more generic option for more convenient use of other systems utilizing its core within the Foundry environment.  

I am curious if developing it would be completely redundant because BRP is either already planned to go under development in any official capacity or getting utilized as a basis for the official implementations of Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest (if the unofficial systems are not going to be utilized for official content).

Assuming I have reason to work on the system myself, correct me if I am wrong, but I am under the assumption that I can utilize the BRP SRD for any aspect of the system I could include, but does the free BRP Quick-Start document have any elements I can utilize? Furthermore, do other BRP systems like Superworld contain any materials I would be able to implement such as character sheets or any base mechanics, or do the entirety of these systems require special licensing?

Lastly, I saw that the Fan Material Policy mentioned "web-based character generators are fine; app based character generators are not", but where does Foundry VTT as a web application fall under this policy? Would character and other miscellaneous generators be restricted from getting included within an unofficial implementation of the BRP system in the Foundry environment? I apologize for any misunderstanding as I don't know how Fan-Use and Licensing should be interpreted in regards to Virtual Tabletops.

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I've also been tooling around with building a system in foundry, although I've been building it using the Custom System Builder system.  It's been a fun little project for what it's worth, but I'd really like to know how to build an actual system instead of trying to hack this one to work (for example, I'm using math and ridiculously long and repetitive ternary operators to check for conditions when certain options are turned on or certain conditions are met, and it's just super messy - I'd rather have the full power of javascript at my disposal instead of math.js evaluations).  Sounds like we've got 2 other people in this thread who'd like to build it too, and I'm wondering if we could combine our efforts.  

Foundry says all you need to know is html, css, and javascript... but in my attempt at figuring it all out, they forgot "oh yeah, you also need to know css preprocessors like less and sass, and you need to know how templating engines work, and you need to understand how to write hooks and event listeners, and-" and the list of advanced concepts of web development go on from there.  Understanding syntax isn't enough... Anyway - point is if anyone would like to collaborate (if for no other reason than to help catapult me out of my "legacy" knowledgebase of php and jsp web development) I'm super motivated to add my hand to the project 🙂

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I wonder if Chaosium (and specifically their Foundry-guy, Ariel Sawicki) would be open to any sort of "community content" collaboration...?

Chaosium has done the "Tribal Edits" thing, so I suppose it's not just flat off-the-table...  Though (for various contractual / legal / copyright / etc reasons) it might not be viable.

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I'm thinking it might be easier to have a sort of "ask for forgiveness instead of permission" attitude with regards to projects like this... 

If we build one, and get slapped with a cease and desist about it, it at least means they have a working example of the system that makes it a lot easier to "officially" integrate into foundry.  Either they kill it and it dies, or - it means they take over responsibility and control of the project (which could be sad, but at the end of the day I don't really care who makes the system, I just want the system in there lol).  I've seen plenty of examples of companies saying "we don't wanna build the thing, but since you've already done the majority of the work for us, here, we'll take it and put it in, nice job guys!"

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