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Antirius runes?


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59 minutes ago, Scorus said:

What would you say are the runes of Antirius? Sky and Stasis? Truth? Harmony? Man? Law?

Since he is one of the Lightfore cults (aka Yelmalio), I'd expect him to have Light and Truth.  He moves through the Sky, so would not expect Stasis (that would be the Sky Dome which is centered on Pole Star). 

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Antirius moved laterally only twice (as per GRoY, both times to the Hill of Gold), otherwise he lowered his height through the Gods War until extinguished. According to Plentonius, he followed the Sunpath after the Dawn.
He merged with Kargzant/Lightfore only in 109 ST, the Bridling of Kargzant.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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