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4 hours ago, Leon_ap_Hywel said:

Well get on with it!

There's no point: almost* everything from Missing Lands is in the Guide to Glorantha, so nowadays you'd just buy that instead.

(* Someone will be along in a moment to tell you about stuff that was left out, but you don't need to pay attention to them: just smile politely and get on with your life.) 

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On 7/26/2023 at 10:16 PM, Scotty said:

In order to prevent us repeating like a broken record, here's a page listing Missing Lands contents and where to find them: Missing Lands content location

While I don’t think this is 100% correct (eg some details from the Doraddi material didn’t make it into the Guide), this is very useful, thanks for doing it. 
I have a copy myself, and I’m glad I do because I have made use of several of the otherwise unavailable parts, but this makes it very clear that there is very little in it that the majority of people will find of much value. The great bulk of it is far better covered in the Guide and the Guide should be used in preference, and it’s pretty much for completionists only. 
If there are any items unavailable elsewhere that people have questions about, I’d be happy to answer them. 

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