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Upcoming OQ setting: Witchport & the Bleak Coast


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Howdy All,

I wanted to announce my upcoming OQ setting. It's a regional sandbox, called the Bleak Coast; Witchport is one of the major cities (townships) in the region. The main book - "Whispers from Witchport" - will provide a light gazetteer, OQ articles and optional rules, cults, bestiary, npcs and more.

The setting flavor I'm shooting for is West Coast Lovecraftian swords & sorcery. I've been using the rough setting for a few years now to run old school games of Labyrinth and Swords & Wizardry with Realms of Crawling Chaos, to great reception. I feel d100 games have been left out from the OSR in terms of settings and such, and OQ / d100 had the right mix of gritty and simplicity to match the setting. Plus, I love cults via RQ (and CoC).

I expect the book will be somewhere in the 100 pages or less; softcover. I don't expect it to be lavishly illustrated or laid out; just straightforward, accessible, affordable, not poorly laid out. Ideally tool-kitable as well.

The setting website is www.witchport.com; I'm releasing it as New Elders Publishing.

Things are a bit under construction still, but frankly, I just couldn't hold off sharing here further.

More to come as I get my act together.

Many thanks!

Brian Isikoff

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