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Draft BRP Combat Flowchart

Jack Tar

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This is my first draft of a BRP combat flowchart to help combat resolution.

It's hosted on "MEGAUPLOAD". Go to the link, ignore the dating advertisements, type in the code at the top of the page, and click on the "Download" button. You should get a GIF image called "BRP Chart 1".

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Opinions appreciated.

P.S. I constructed it using Microsoft Visio software.


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Wow, thread necromancy!

I wasn't aware of anyone being interested in this flowchart. I was starting to completely redesign it when I turned my attention to a Traveller flowchart and never returned to the BRP design.

Anyway, I have two flowcharts you can have (I can't remember which was the more up to date one). The links below are to each, .pdf and .vsd (Visio) formats.

I got the Hardcover of the Big Gold Book/Brick just the other day, so I should go back through it and redo the flowchart if anyone is interested. I could probably also borrow my friend's copy of the Laundry, as I believe the rules have been better written/organised, and that may help me design the flowchart more efficiently.

Flowchart 1 (pdf format)

Flowchart 1 (Visio format)

Flowchart 2 (pdf format)

Flowchart 2 (Visio settings)


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Hey, is there any chance some of those French BRP resources (Uruk in particular) might get translated for us English speakers/readers?

At 100+ pages, Uruk is a hefty setting. Translating it would be a major endeavour. There are hence no plans to do that as a "labour of love" in the short term.

However, if you manage to convince a publisher that an English-language versio of URUK might sell, the situation would become much different :)

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Ha, yeah that would be nice to see a professional product. I'm afraid the best I could offer is that in my spare time I'll try running the text through the Yahoo Babel Fish translater.

An imperfect solution to be sure, but a decent start, I hope. :)

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Might sound silly but where is the Combat Actions Chart...I like flowcharts and always found RPGs were bulky in their presentation of combat...reflecting their heritage as Wargames...coming from the LARP tradition myself.

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