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transformers brp style


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I've been playing around with Fate for a possible Transformers rpg during winter break. I wondering, would brp work?

First there is the question of scale. Transformers are big stompy robots. Do I use the existing scale for brp, and simply make everything smaller? That way I wouldn't be giving the players more points in attributes. Everything else would just be smaller and weaker by comparison.

The other method is to keep the current human basline scores, but give the players a much larger pool of attributes in which to build their characters.

I am pretty sure I will be using the super power rules for players to build their alternate modes. Since I am using Transformers Prime as the base all characters are able to produce ranged and melee weapons our of their bodies as well. Finally as big stompy robots they are all going to have some natural armor that they can upgrade.

Skills are a little tricky. In looking at the show and movies transformers have a much smaller selection of skills than a human being.

What I may end up doing is putting together a point buy system. The players will get a pool of character points that can be used to buy attributes, basic skills, advanced skills, and powers.

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I like BRP Mecha, but as much as I like it, the mecha creation sections will require a lot more guessing on the party of the GM if you want to use it for Transformers. All the information that BRP Mecha needs to translate mecha into seems to be totally absent from any write-ups I've seen for any transformer. If you do get it and do want to run transformers, treat them all as super robots and make up everything else.

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I had read BRP Mecha. It is pretty rules heavy on first read. BRP Mecha is trying to by precise and balancing between serial and game. There is i much guessing.




I thing for game it not needed to by precise. Game is just for fun and to create exciting story. BRP Mecha contains needed rules for creating any transformers YOU want with equipment YOU want.


So I propose to sit down with players, or take cup of coffee, and write on paper what YOUR Mecha should have have. Look to rules and YOUR Transformer is alive :-D.


Just so easy.


Last world - BRP Mecha is hard only on first reading.

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So I propose to sit down with players, or take cup of coffee, and write on paper what YOUR Mecha should have have. Look to rules and YOUR Transformer is alive :-D.



Which is exactly how BRP Mecha should be used. Improvise your stats so that Optimus Prime does not beat Megatron with just one blow (remember: you win when your opponent is out of Fate Points and retreats) and once you are confident your game will be fun, you are go.

You can be a little bit more precise when designing a Gundam or a Valkyrie or a Mazinger, as the rules are specifically targeted at representing those, but you are absolutely supposed to use some handwaving and some "let us choose the option that produces the desired result" even in those cases.

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