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The Gods War Kickstarter is Live


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My initial thoughts were that although it looks awesome, it was a bit expensive for me, and the original price of shipping to Europe tipped things over the edge.

But Sandy's lowering of the European shipping price has meant that I've decided to back it, albeit just for the basic game (and I will have to work hard on my completionist tendencies to be satisified with that for now!).

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If you're not following the Kickstarter, then you probably won't be aware that Sandy announced he was bringing forward the 6-8 player map if we can reach $430K by the end of Saturday. Right now we're standing at $404K. So if you like bigger games, then you know where to pledge ...


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I'm backing it at Hero level currently. It really is a bank buster though at $450 (+PP to New Zealand), so I'm going to have to carefully assess this on the next payday before the end of the campaign. 

I do recognise that I'll be paying for quality though as the figures are truly awesome. The game play looks like a good intro to the themes of Glorantha too, and the Hero level is clearly the best value for money (you get everything!). 


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Big news from Sandy Petersen, just now:

"1) I have written rules for using the Gods War Monsters as a new Cthulhu Wars feature. 
2) I am in the process of rules for using the Gods War Elder Races in Cthulhu Wars. 
3) I am ALSO writing rules for using the Gods War Greater Gods as Neutral GOOs in Cthulhu Wars. 
4) and, of course, I am going to write up the Cthulhu Wars GOOs as Monsters for Gods War.

To buy an expansion (like Monsters), all you need to do is back at the Minion level, then add on whatever money is appropriate. Tell your friends!"

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