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The Coming Storm, progress on the Eleven Lights

Ian Cooper

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I asked about this a few weeks ago on the Google+ community. Ian Cooper replied "We are in layout, but have hit some technical issues with art. We are investigating. Once we have a solution to that, we will have a clear idea if that involves a longer delay to resolve. Hopefully not. Otherwise the book is ready to go to print. Sorry about this. We've learnt from the technical issue, so it won't trip us up again."



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We have an official thread for errata. At some point, once the Eleven Lights is done, I'll try to collate both. I don't know about the availability of people to re-issue the PDF with corrections right now. Also remember errata means: corrections that affect gameplay (i.e. the errors in the sample characters) not typos or grammatical 'errors' (some of which are open to dispute and may not be a productive use of time).

On the Eleven Lights, @Rick Meints and I are working our way through the art issue. We'll fix an soon as we can. I am VERY keen to get this book finished and into your hands. It's been a long labour for me, and I want to see my child birthed.


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