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High Llamas

Darius West

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High Llama's were never some type of camel...

RuneQuest 2 provided the original description:


These Praxian animals look like Peruvian llamas, but are of great height, giving their riders an edge in combat by allowing them to strike down at opponents.

RuneQuest 3 clarified this slightly:




Alticamelus domesticus

GENERTELA - Often called High Llamas, alticameli are tall girraffe like camels which live in small herds, roaming the vast expanses of the Genertelan wastes and the chaparral of Prax. The Alticamelus riders of Prax use very long spears and lances to better reach foes fighting on foot.

The guide updated the change in nomenclature and reminded us that they are similar, not the same as the prehistoric animal:


The high llama is a tall animal similar to an Aepycamelus. It has a long neck, and long, stilt-like legs; the top of its head is almost ten feet above the ground. High llamas tower above other Praxian steeds and can ride down even the swiftest skirmishers.  

For the Prax book, i've written a detailed description, but basically:




Praxian Tribal beasts are not Earth animals

Praxian tribal beasts may look like their Earth counterparts and be generally the same size and weight, but that’s as far as it goes in most cases. They eat different food, drink much less water, their general behavior, and their mating details are different. Unlike their Earthly counterparts, all but herd-men are ridden, and all produce milk for consumption. In the Wastelands, the major tribe’s herds are mostly the offspring of Storm Bull and Eiritha, so all males are bulls, all females are cows, and babies are called calves, regardless of their earthly names.




High Llamas are based on an extinct ancestor of the camel, Aepycamelus giraffinus, formerly called Alticamelus. This very tall prehistoric camel lived from the middle through late Miocene period. Visually it is based on museum skeletons and reconstructions, and behaviorally on Bactrian camels (Camelus bactrianus). High llamas are not humped like earth camels.


The main reference pictures are Gene Day's inspirational two page spread in Nomad Gods and Jan Pospíšil's fantastic Praxian Warriors picture on p442 of the Guide. 

Art 2.jpg

There's a couple more reference pics on my Pinterest page


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