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BRP Star Wars


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My group played its first game of BRP Star Wars the other night. The game went just fine. We are a party of jedi padawans. The GM is using a mix of psionic and magic powers to simulate the effects from the movie and from the old D6 game.

Chad Wilson

Current BRP Project: Heroes by Gaslight

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them seem a little light, can you expand a litle more on the Force stuff? how dose the Dice work? howmany do you get?

how do you get them back?

I have starwars saga and think that a conversion to BRP would be great and take a little work, but I am busy writing Grave quest and Conan BRP

so I don't have time to do it now, but I have this really wierd ideal of running a starwars real action hero type game where Characters from our galaxy come over to the starwars galaxy with all thier movie plot knowledge!

trying to desided Civil war or Clone war era? or knight of the old republic ?

make it really fracky and let them have Jedi abilities too. .. its just some ideals I love Cross overs have ever sense I read Dragon and the George and Sleeping Dragon, and now after watching Forbidding Kingdom !!!!!

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Grave Quest by Christopher L House

Characters play Young Teens or young adults who have joined a secret scavenger Game Society named Grave Quest which sole purpose is to investigate paranormal events and places, in doing so this highly secret organization rewards it participates with cash rewards and ranks with in it organization, as well as learn actual magic and the so called secrets of the Grave, each rank build those who Survive or do not drop out to becomes a Grand Skull keeper and those are taped to go start another Grave quest Cell else where, or take over the current one.

This Setting has several angles

` as members find to their dismay the real supernatural world

` as the Victims of the organization, as a creature of the supernatural world

` as law enforcement on the trail of a insidious Criminal Organization

` or combination of all three!

` such as a group of talented young people hunting down a historic secret globe Hoping

Crime syndicate.

` Such as UFO hunters tracking down Alien raiding parties

` Such as secret organization out to discovery A global Conspiracy to hide the end of the world!

This is a normal level game counting on reality and normalization to feed the mechanization of a thriller and horror game, what secrets the Player characters discover is up to the GM , From ancient vampire cults to Charlatans out to defraud and scam others!

Maybe UFO, Or the coming end of the world as we know it!

This setting well explores several possibilities allowing each Grave Quest to be unique and special to each group and GM.

Such ideals and offering as epic game adventures such as The Dark Moon Chronicles, Gate City Cycle and God’s Gold Conspiracy or Meddling kids and their Mascot type adventures

Note this is a game with in a game and all though no real rules are being added

The Grave quest has ranks and levels for the player character with in the society and even the monster gain them points that allow them to progress to higher levels and ranks with in the society, it is superficial at best and has its own story and political extras for role playing purposes.


1 : Welcome Possible member pamphlet

This is a example of the recruiting pamphlet of the Society. It flavor and Element.

2 : Members only rank and file of the organization

This is all about the rank and File of the secret Society, their structure and cell arrangement, as well as the membership benefits and rewards.

3 : Guide to the Eternal night

This is again a flavor text with the Societies take on some of its encounters, a parody of many rpg/larp Monster manuals, but there is hidden some kernels of Truth and helpful information, incase a real encounter is plausible.

On and adjustment page is the mechanic for the creatures.

a. Apportors

b. Banshees

c. Baste and CAT people

d. Charlatans

e. Dragons and Dogs

f. Gargoyles

g. Ghost

h. Golems

i. Hells Minions

j. Inconu

k. Junkies Blood

l. Knights of The Night

m. Lost Legionaries

n. Mechanical Haunts

o. Night Haunts

p. Occultist

q. Poltergeist

r. Psychics and Mediums

s. Rat People

t. Shape shifters

u. Sorcerers

v. Sleeping Gods

w. Snack People

x. Vampires

y. Vampires Minions

z. Were Alligators And Crocodiles

aa. Were Felines

bb. Were Rats

cc. Were Wolves

4: Gamemaster section “ Grand skull keeper

This is game master eyes only, and includes all the possible truths the Game master may or may not include! There is also mechanical Game info and possible Campaigns and example for the Gamemaster to take form as they please.

a> Origins

a. In the beginning

b. Dark Moon origins

c. Gods Gold origins

d. Gate City origins

e. Meddling Kids and their Mascot

This section is all the possible beginnings of Grave Quest , all or none can be true, how complicated the Gamemaster wants his structure is left to them.

b> Odious Grimoire

a. tools of the trade

b. magic Techniques

c. spells

d. Ancient artifacts and Ancient Ethernuats

This covers additional information for the possible origins and secret society, if real magic is optied for then it includes new magic spells to add flavor to the game.

c> Illuminations

a. secrets with in secrets

1. Dark Moon Chronicles

2. Gods Gold

3. Gate City Cycle

This tells all of the three types of possible campaigns

d> Operands mottos

1. Basic Role Play Mechanics

a. Character Creation out line

b. Perks , Benefits and Limitations

c. Techniques

d. Combat and action resolutions

e. spot rules used

f. magic and Magik

g. Psionic and Mutations

h. powers

i. Equipment and Gizmos

This introduces Perks and Benefits as well as limitations into the GAME, its not heavy mechanics the Perks and Benefits are included in background options such as Careers and Back story, as well as limitations from the super world Character fails.

This creates a possible more real feel to the game.

Apendix : Gate City

A. Guilds

B. Species

C. Starrez Lords

D. Sadazar a.k.a. Gate City UFO CENTRAL

E. Cosmic power “ little living space

Appedis; Dark moon Chronicles

B. bending doom

C. Operation :stair way to Heaven

D. Smith and Smythe

E. Avalon

Appendix : God’s Gold

A. The Temple

B.Temple agents

C. last days

D. Judgment

E. General Marshal

F. Grand guild master

G. The Game is a foot . . . .

Appendix : Meddling Kids

This appendix is a wink at the Scooby Doo Cartoons both new and old, as well as the movies, with out actually infringing on their copyrights.

A . would you believe . . . .

B. Mysterium Corp “ lets Franchise

C. All the Gang the CEO And Board of Directors

1. Frank Johnson

2 Delia Stevenson

3 Veronica Wewoka

4 Jericho “Jerky” Lemboweskie

5 Company Mascot Scaredee Dog

D. perpetrators’ The Charlatans

Appendix : super world and supernatural World

This is how this book can be used in a super world Champagne.

A. where the capes are!

B. Side kicks and Minions

C. Junior Super kids in Training

The appendix offer more details for those types of campaigns , the last one Super World and supernatural World is a appendix for the reason that some one may just want the Book for a backdrop or tool in other type settings.

200 page book

Word count : 21,800 Gross estimate

Out side Five months to complete

Intend to use own art for interior pages

Have Not considers a Cover yet

But I HAVE SVERAL sketches and inking I am considering rendering into Pastel Painting!

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I ran BRP Star Wars a couple of years back, and I used rules similar to Jason's. The only difference is, I allowed Jedi characters to augment their skills with the Force. So by spending a Force point, you're Persuade skill became Force Persuade or your Jump skill became Force Leap, and so on; then you made a roll against the skill in question. If you succeed the power took affect. To boost your chance of succeeding, a player could add more Force points, gaining an additional 10 percentiles per Force point. A character's Force points were equal to their POW score, along with the range and duration for Force Powers.

To add a more heroic edge to the game, player characters, and powerful NPCs such as Darth Vader and the like, had increased hit points, equal to their CON+SIZ. Otherwise life expectancy was rather low. For Stormtroopers and other "splat" NPCs I simply used the standard BRP hit point system. For most other things, such as attribute modifications and equipment, I turned to D20 Star Wars, and borrowed what I could.

Nathan Baron

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For most other things, such as attribute modifications and equipment, I turned to D20 Star Wars, and borrowed what I could.

How did that pan out Wolverine? I always find it hard converting D20 to BRP (or Runequest previously), but then I am a little brain challenged when it comes to D20 ;)

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Actually, I didn't do much converting. I just borrowed things such as the equipment and vehicles. I did convert a handful of alien races across, simply applying their attribute modifiers as they're found in the D20 book, with the exception of Wisdom which became POW, and Charisma which became APP. If the race got a bonus for a certain skill, I would multiply that bonus by 10 and apply that bonus to the skill before any skill points were added.

I have an example: Ewok: STR -2; SIZ 2D3+3; DEX +2. +20 percentiles to both Survival and Track skills.

In fact I will upload the file I created to the downloads section. It is fully compatible with Jason's previous entries.

Nathan Baron

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In fact I will upload the file I created to the downloads section. It is fully compatible with Jason's previous entries.

Thanks mate, that would be good to have a look at.

I have played a lot of D20 stuff when I have been a lamb to the slaughter, oops I mean a player character in someone else's campaign but when I GM a game I always forcefully convert my players to BRP (or Runequest before that).

So I struggle a bit with D20 even though I have been a sacrificial lamb tormented by that system. ;)

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yes it was perfect for the cinematic stuff, and It was a good game, I do not like green eggs and d20 and starwars sage is a vast improvment is still not as hmmm inspiring as D6, but I find I can not play D6 anymore there is some kind of truama or somthing about it these days some form of ghost that haunts me even when i open a book, maybe its the simple fact that I have been gaming way too long!

I must say somthing here - table top is fading and unless we as fellow games start encouraging young people to join us at the table and away form the consol and computer we lose as well as they do!



Attention span!

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I agree and disagree about D6 Star Wars. It was nice and simple, but was rather clunky, and I felt you never got the epic cinematic effect. Lightsaber duels ended far too quickly, and combat was bogged down with so much bookkeeping and dice throwing. Saga Edition is an improvement. I must admit it took Wizards three attempts to get D20 Star Wars right. This time, rather than build Star Wars around D20, Wizards have built D20 around Star Wars. You actually feel like you're playing in the Star Wars universe.

Nathan Baron

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