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http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/235 ... Homecoming
Interludes: Homecoming

This game aid presents several linked scenes to serve as a centerpiece or inspiration for your own full adventure, or to fill in a sundry night’s gaming between “real” episodes in your story arc. It could also help when your players zig instead of zagging. This supplement is not a completely fleshed-out scenario, but is nearly so.  Because it is meant to be tied so intimately to the particular characters of your own story, there is no way to provide many of the details that you will need.  This is the chief reason for presenting Homecoming as an interlude, rather than struggling to write a scenario that could never be complete or specific enough.

This interlude is centered on a visit to the home village of (at least one of) the characters, as a break between campaign installments. The first days are for errands of the players’ choice, to advance other campaign threads, and perhaps to illustrate that “you can’t go home again”. After this rather subdued beginning, though, things go sideways, as they so often do in the adventuring life. Once the characters have begun to address the nominal reason for the return home, yet before they have concluded their business, circumstances confront them with a small mystery, which soon turns into a “whodunit” investigation with a classic horror element that could range from Gothic to Splatter, depending on the flavor of the larger game. How the characters identify (or misidentify) the perpetrator and resolve the threat could permanently change their reputations, and even the community itself. Homecoming has been crafted for the MYTHRAS gaming system, and should be rather compatible with other d100 systems as well.

You are free to use this material in your own game world, for fun. If you are interested in doing more than that, such as incorporating it into a scenario or campaign setting for publication, please contact us.

Interludes: Homecoming is offered as Pay What You Want. If you like it, please consider leaving a tip, but in any case it's yours for the taking. Happy gaming!
Some notes:
* As mentioned, this is nearly a scenario, depending on how much work you have already done in establishing backstories and world building.
* Beyond base Mythras, for gameplay this is nearly totally compatible with Classic Fantasy, I think.  The only things missing are the Class aspects of the NPCs, but they should be fairly obvious.
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9 hours ago, Skunkape said:

Sounds really interesting! I'll need to check it out!

I hope it fits your needs.  We live but to serve.

Our latest Horror Fantasy adventure has arrived.  Check out Old Bones Publishing on DriveThruRPG.com!

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I've read through it and I like what was written. I'm sure once I run my own campaign world again, I'll be able to use the adventure!

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