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Runequest Beastiary impressions


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Superb bestiary. Fantastic find with this artist. He’s a great talent. Really like his of drawings, and remarkably his colour work is out standing too . If anything I would have liked to see more of his thumbnail sketches included, like the head studies for the tuskers, as they work so nicely as supporting work....ok and maybe an iconic gloranthan baboon too.

I mentioned on twitter that any artist who can bring alive the concept of Cwim in such characterful way gets my vote. 

I’m mightly impressed. 

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I'm enjoying the bestiary and will use it greatly in my new campaign.  Only areas I wish it had more detail in was the chaos.  If it simply gave basic cult stuff for Bagog for the scorpion men and Vivamort for the vampires it would be a large step forward.  Great job on fleshing out the broos and chaos features.  Not sure if chaos cults will be in the upcoming Deity book or not.  But would then assume a Chaos pak of some sort would come sooner than later that gave long cult writeups and backgrounds for chaos.  I know I'd rather see this than something like a new troll pak supplement!

As for art, I love the new art in there showing the unique creatures in Glorantha.  Those are the ones people need to see pictures of!

And looking very forward to further publications.  I know the people I game with are very excited after we played a basic Sartar session with their created characters.

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11 hours ago, Steve said:

There's a Gods of Chaos book coming for RQG.


I figured as much.  It really is a topic that needs a book!  Just hope it's sooner than later as they are great opponents.  The beginnings in the Bestiary are a great start!

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Really like the bestiary. Art is great. Very good breadth of creatures.


Any news when the bestiary of Pamaltela (and Seas and East Isles) is in the plans. My campaign is going to be there for a quite a while still I expect.

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