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New Releases - Mythras Companion & Sorandib


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Mythras Companion (TDM111) - 56 pages, softcover POD and PDF, ($14.99/$5.99), Colour


A compilation of additional rules and mechanics for Mythras, taken from several previous supplements and created specially for the Companion itself. Inside you will find rules for tactical combat using a battlegrid and miniatures; rules for sanity and corruption; abstract rules for vehicles of all kinds; a brand new system for resolving social conflict; and detailed rules for handling pursuits and chases.


The Mythras Companion is a handy resource for every Mythras GM, with plenty of new material to enhance your scenarios and campaigns.


TDM Webstore: http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Mythras-Companion/p/139637618/category=2826223

DrivethruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/274910/TDM111-Mythras-Companion



Sorandib (TDM306) - 116 pages, softcover POD and PDF, ($32.99/$14.99), Colour


Sorandib is an ancient city in catastrophic decline. The surrounding country has been laid waste by years of banditry and civil strife; the city itself is rife with factions, lawlessness and social unrest. Large areas are abandoned or under the control of the local gangs. The Iron Simulacrum himself looks to Sorandib as the place he will discover his fate when the Emperor departs the physical plane, where he might be unmade in such a way as to find the key to a continued existence as an independent soul. Sorandib could be the scene of treason on a world shattering scale. The cult of Thesh in Taskay has its eye on direct control not only of the Artificers but of the fire demon Sorantar, who is the city’s god. Sorandib is, in short, a powder keg. And ripe for adventure!


This Thennla supplement details Sorandib, its people, districts, cults, gods, factions, and magic. New rules are provided for Artificers, Alchemy, and new spells and miracles. Three self contained adventures take the adventurers on a raid for a fabled tome, to involving them in a nefarious plot by dark forces. Finally, encounters for the frontier lands introduce dangerous new magicians and factions.


TDM Webstore: http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Sorandib/p/139932715/category=24197110

DrivethruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/274157/TDM306-Sorandib




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The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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I have written a review of Mythras Companion. It's only in Spanish (so far), but you may use the widget on the right column to trans... to make the txt understandable in your language. For example, the word "chases" is translated as "persecutions" because in Spanish, chase=persecución. And "rules" is translated as "regulations" for some reason. Anyway, here it is:

Read my review of Mythras Companion  



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