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Eurmali Troll(kin?)


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It suddenly occurred to me to wonder how the VERY "omni" version of Trollish omnivory would interplay with Eurmal's "Swallow" spell.

Trying to just... fit them together? with minimal fuss&bother?  and downplay the interactions?

That seems not very Gloranthan... not very MGF... oh yeah, and VERY NOT Eurmalian!  I think Eurmal would make sure there was an extra helping of OMGWTFOHSHIT!

Ideas... ?

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4 hours ago, g33k said:

how the VERY "omni" version of Trollish omnivory would interplay with Eurmal's "Swallow" spell.

It's not a matter of what your Trollkin Eurmali eats, obviously, but how BIG the item is that they eat! "I bet you can't swallow that rubble runner whole!"

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Trollkin can eat anything, Eurmali can swallow anything. However, Swallow allows a Trollkin to swallow something gar bigger than normal. It just saves time and effort.

Also, when a Trollkin swallows a prize bull, leaving nothing behind, everyone will be surprised and the Trollkin could just walk away. If the Trollkin had eaten the bull normally, it would be bloated and fat.

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Of course Dark Eurmel could teach dragon magic if Eurmal did the mind split thing again - or PCs could be led to believe this might have happened.

The thought of PCs rooting around trollkin  camps looking for mystic wisdom, with some very suspicious trolls looking on, wouldn’t that be a delicious twist of cruelty?

”you know the trolls been having trouble with the trollkin lately, some say trickster taught them magic. One of them, their leader, some folks say he even did some dragon magic a few years back, or so they say, just like the olden days...”

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