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Benediction for protection or health?


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So, one of my favorite hidden gems regarding Glorantha was the fact that all (almost all?) the books had a little understated prayer to the Gods inserted among the publishing and copyright info, usually asking for protection of the book by the various forces related to the content.  Some were entreating Lankhor Mhy to protect the book, others Irrippi Ontor, etc. 

Does anyone know of a suitable one along those lines I might use for a person's protection or health?  I'm having a custom hit-point tracker created, and I thought it might be fun to put a similar short benediction on the back of the template. I could come up with something random, but if there was something already out there in one of the books or the like that people might be familiar with already, I'd much prefer to use that instead.  Thanks in advance!

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Here are some of the existing ones:

SKoH/P:GtA: The pen of Lhankor Mhy wrote this book, and his blessing lies upon it and all who use it properly.

KoS: May Lhankor Mhy bless this book, and rob thieves of their fingers and eyes forever.

RQ Companion: This is a document of Lhankor Mhy, Lord of the Light of Inspiration, who seeks and finds knowledge from beyond the ken of the gods. Brain Flayers protect this document  haunting any who profane, misuse, or steal from it without true value paid.

GS: May Lhankor Mhy bless the Stories contained WITHIN and protect their Secrets.

SC: May the axe of Babeester Gor avenge any theft of this book or its contents with great cruelty and pain! May She pursue its thieves into the Underworld and beyond!

HQG: This book is protected by the terrible swift blade of the Avenging Daughter. Her wrath shall be upon any who misuse its secrets!

RQG/CS/11L/CoP/etc.: May Arachne Solara bless and protect this book.

GtG1: This is the writing of Lhankor Mhy, Lord of the Light of Inspiration, who seeks knowledge beyond the ken of gods. His protection is on this document, sealed by the laws of Lhankor Mhy, hail his Intelligence, and by Orlanth, King of the Gods. Their curses are upon any who profane this, misuse this, or who steal it from its true owners.

GtG2: Whoever steals by theft, takes by force, or misuses the secrets of this book, may Arachne Solara consume their soul.

RQA: Orlanth King of Storms bless the Colymar and their friends and grant them victory over their enemies.

RQ Bestiary: May Hykim and Mikyh Consume and Devour those that would misuse this book.

TR: The Great Two made the world, the people, and this book. Everyone knows these things. Everyone knows what will happen if they steal from the deities, their people, or this book.

Anaxial's Roster: Hykim and Mikyh are the ancestors of all animals. Hykim, Animal of Thought, curses the mind of he who would abuse his sons. Mikyh, Animal of Matter, rends the body of those who would harm her daughters!

Men of the Sea: Miirdek saves us from the doomed waters. Dengenti blesses our boats to sail. Elamle-ata teaches us how to live again. Dormal opens the oceans before us.

Sartar Rising 1: Sartar made the land and people. Sartar's scribe wrote this book. Sartar's power and gods will destroy the eyes of whoever steals from it.

Sartar Rising 2: The Gods of War bless the Heortlings. Barntar is Strength, we stand against our foes; Vingkot is Leadership, we overcome our foes; Humakt is Death, we destroy our foes. Orlanth is Victory, we are the Storm Tribe.

Sartar Rising 3: Rigsdal's Open Eye guards this work seeing thieves from afar. Rigsdal's Closed Eye protects this work cursing those who would misuse it.

Dragon Pass, Land of Thunder: Kero Fin is the Great Mountain, the Mother of Orlanth. All who dwell within her bosom receive her protection and comfort.

Heortling Mythology: We call upon Hant, Heort, and Hara; And all the good gods and goddesses to protect this.

46 minutes ago, SteveMND said:

Does anyone know of a suitable one along those lines I might use for a person's protection or health? 

May Ernalda grant me sound limbs, stout heart, and the vigor of life.

May Chalana Arroy wash my body with the cloth of innocence and cleanse my soul with the elixir of life.

May Kero Fine cast her eye upon me and keep me safe within her shadow.

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2 hours ago, SteveMND said:

Does anyone know of a suitable one along those lines I might use for a person's protection or health? 

Love it. 

Yelm is a healing god so a few short poems Greg commissioned once just emerged and might be a decent fit for you and a great private in-joke or reference:

How we choose
to move away
from the heavy core
to the light
is all in Thanks


What is spun between
us and sun is named light
and felt as what living is:
built all in bright and let 
on to our position
is constant beauty.

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singer sing me a given

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There are quite a few useful bits on this line in Thunder Rebels (which I've extended as noted in [italics] ). This first set invokes Ernalda.

p.180: Where Ernalda looks, life moves. When she looks away, life withers. [Ernalda look upon me now!]

p.177: You are the Fortune, the Powerful One whose visions animate the world. Wherever you look is Life and Power. [Ernalda turn your gaze upon me.]

p.180: [You are] the Loom Woman, who binds the universe. [I pray you bind me to our mortal world.] 

p.180: She will not hide from us. Do not hide from me.

p.180: from a priestess: You are Her vessel of Life. [Open yourself to power of Ernalda.]

p.183: from a priestess: There is always another way. Let me show you the Flower of Life.

The next set invokes Orlanth.

p.207: You are the wind, you are the Breath, you are the Motion of the Cosmos! Where change is needed, you make it! [Change me, fill me with your Breath, so I may walk in your path.]

p.210: Errors are made and fixed. [Orlanth aid me in fixing this error!]

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