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  1. The downside of drawing on the power of Orlanth the Murderer is that he remains under obligation to his murder-ee. Myth will tell, and when you kill the Emperor, he will call you into hell to atone for it. Bummer. Eurmal can kill anyone, any time, for any or no reason. Of course, it will never go entirely to plan (and, in fact, may fail utterly if planned at all) Humakt demands that you wield death honorably. Storm Bull insists that you seek out chaos to kill, and not back down. Zorak Zoran pairs death with hatred to a degree uncomfortable for most humans. Babs cares only for revenge
  2. I think that is definitely the case. Though, personally I find the area a bit daunting. The loss of life in the destruction of the Palace of Black Glass will have been astronomical. I'm sure there are lots of very angry spirits, disrupted lines of descent, and other strange things going on underground. There are absolutely some very cool stories to be told.
  3. Mission accomplished! that is wonderful! Always excited to see anything make it into an actual game. I've not actually run the story as a quest yet, myself, so def feel free to make it your own. The actual Godtime almost always looks quite different when you get there than you imagined it would from the stories 🙂 I'd definitely encourage your referee to incorporate complications and/or themes from the rest of the campaign. Working out the timing might be challenging for your char - how do you work around the "after many years..." part if you want the troops quickly? (Time works weird in My
  4. A MYTH – THE ARMING OF THE TROLLKIN Being the wealthy son of a powerful mother, Argan Argar has always had great herds of trollkin slaves. Unfortunately, as anyone with a lot of trollkin can tell you, large numbers of enlo are not always the asset one might wish them to be. Like any good Uz, he ate as many as he could, but he had so many other delightful foods, that they easily outbred even his prodigious appetite. So he tried to put them to work, but they were lazy and incompetent, and needed more supervision than their meager benefit merited. They were also loud, and annoying, and
  5. Absolutely! though when you've gone deep enough to find yourself trying to convince Kyger Litor that you are not a snack, you definitely have stepped outside the Mundane World. It is also established that you can get from one Castle of Lead to another via the basement, though it is usually Much safer to travel overground.
  6. I would say very very few. The practical and social pressure to initiate into Kyger Litor is immense. Membership in the cult is the technical definition of "Uz" as applied to the prohibition on killing other Uz as food. Trolls dedicated to other gods to the exclusion of KL are not technically part of troll society, though they may be tolerated, or even highly respected, if they are useful or powerful enough. --- on the OP topic: While the Uz don't have any single "Trickster God" as such, I'd say that most of their gods have one or more "trickster-ish aspects." Vanekara subverts tradi
  7. In general, Xiola Umbar is going to be the goddess of the untrainable, "useless", enlo. She protects the weak, eases suffering, and cares for the crippled. All of which is a major point of contention between her and more traditional Kyger Litor priestesses who would be all for aggressive (culinary) culling. Not that Xiola Umbar is in any way squeamish about humanely putting down those that cannot be saved - keeping them alive would be cruel, after all. Her particular Hardcore aspect is measured in her ability to successfully protect "useless" weaklings from their more vicious kin who WOULD hap
  8. Sadly, the vast majority of trollkin are neigh-untrainable. Their brains are generally as weak and malformed as their poor scrawny bodies - unable to follow even the simplest instructions. And yet, they maintain enough Uz heritage to be able to eat pretty much anything you give them, so keeping them equipped to any reasonable standard can be a challenge, even for the relatively competent ones. Reliably training groups of them which end of a pointy stick to point at an enemy is one of the Great Cult Secrets of Argan Argar. Bless Pregnancy could help a litter of trollkin be the best wee batc
  9. I wonder if that isn't really the case. In Glorantha, it may well be just the Light that matters for (plant) fertility, and not the warmth. Fire (in the guise of Oakfed) is after all a pretty major enemy of the forests. If that is the case, then light without heat (Yelmalio) would be exactly the sort of god elves would appreciate. That said, I wonder if the elves have a god or named spirit for the smaller* fires that clear out underbrush/etc without harming trees. Or is such worship limited to isolate cults of Eucalyptus-Elf heretics? * smaller than Oakfed-fires, but still quite ter
  10. This seems like a good place to tease a wee bit of the upcoming Trollpack material...
  11. Uzuz MIGHT be able to digest all that they consume, but I doubt it - they are still man-rune beings, and barring a significant mythological reason not to, will still produce waste. Uzko certainly do - their digestion is quite impressive compared to humans, but not nearly perfect. I suspect that your average troll would produce roughly the same quantity of waste as a human, while eating roughly three times as much, given the chance. [possible TMI WARNING: you might not really want to know this part] In most clans, an Uzkos "leavings" are consumed by their trollkin. "Visit the pens
  12. "May Grandfather Mortal watch over my frame, keep it safe from injury, and judge me kindly when it fails"
  13. Mee Vorala is really WEIRD. And also pretty much completely unknown/misunderstood by humans. She'll get some love in Trollpack. Though to be fair, even the Uz mostly have no idea at all what she's really about. I have schemes to present rules for Voralan Player Characters, but those are weird enough that they may or may not make the cut in the form that I currently envision them.
  14. Trollpack will provide lots of new info and insight. The exact details of how it is presented is still TBD, but there are still many dark secrets untouched even by the amazing Comprehensive long-form write-ups available in the God's Book. One of the big new things is full sub-cult descriptions for each of the Seven Sacred Ancestors. Lots of entirely new Myths and a view of the underworld from the point of view of the locals, rather than folk who can only ever visit as tourists/victims. Unsurprisingly, the Uz and the Godlearners don't always see everything exactly the same way. Though ther
  15. The Uz argue that the world itself is an enormous drum which was knocked upside-down when the burner invaded wonderhome. Hard to get much bigger than that! I'm sure they have some rather impressively sized ritual replicas. They also create some remarkably powerful drum-like effects by simply banging on the walls of their caves with large rocks and whatnot. (and THANKS for the Taiko links... i have sadly managed several times to try and google up "that traditional japanese drum thing" in assorted variations without any luck) I know i've posted it before, but the "Enlophone" is one of
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