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Fudging rolls, cheating?

Well, this is what to say to those who feel changing game elements is cheating or dishonest. All of this about whether or not fudging die rolls or other game components is cheating is completely subjective. This is my personal TTRPG Game Master Advice, and it's not a popular opinion. If you are always a player, maybe think twice before watching this one:) Also attempting to get more people to join the hive mind of the BRP forums. We are all Us.

Call of Cthulhu LIVE: Refractions of Glasston

Refractions of Glasston is the result of a creative collaboration between the Professional Writing department at Taylor University, Upland IN and Chaosium Inc. The creators are all students at Taylor University. As this fits perfectly into the themes of my channel, this is our LIVE playthrough.  Elias Taylor Winters, the CEO of TWJ Co., discovered a secret to the glass-making process that finally put him above his long-standing competition: Ball Glass. Shattering expectations for such a sm


Dethstrok9 reviews the awesome new system for nearly every setting, Sabre second edition from Dragonsbane Entertainment! Link to the PDFs on DriveThruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/10173/Dragonsbane-Entertainment From the author: "I'd like to announce the Sabre RPG System 2nd Edition has been rolling out for the past few weeks at DTRPG! It's a system built on foundations of realism, smooth play and flexibility, featuring a skill-based d100 core with passive talents, active manoeuvr

250 sub special: Ignis Probat Speculo

Ignis Probat Speculo: the enigmatic Professor Deth is back and more insane than ever. His metaphors and deep sarcasm take on new meaning through the seemingly innocent imagery which darkly permeates this horror short film. Which is also an announcement for our latest Call of Cthulhu LIVEPLAY.

How to emulate WAR

My main points here are that one should understand that the answer will largely depend on how you are portraying war in game. The focus could be on tension and a sense of dread with moments of depraved violence and mass destruction, or there could be a surreal excitement gripping the masses as they root for one side or another like it's a sport. There could be shown a certain glory in the art of war, or the madness of willing battle. And that's just one side to it...

OGL Round 2...

Well. This has been done, I wash my hands of this OGL, my main point in this video is why I think Chaosium had every right to do what they did. I personally just don't think it should have been called an Open Game License.

Engaging Combat

Have you been disappointed by combat in role-playing games? Well be that way no further, here is the perfect video for you! Taking inspiration from Sandy Peterson himself, Dethstrok9 goes over some of the best ways to make Call of Cthulhu 7E combat more engaging, exciting, and interesting!



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