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  1. So when we get our grubby, and appreciative, little hands on the upcoming cults Opus, how would we go about tweaking your presented version of Lodril into KetTuros - a city god? And, much the same with converting say the Urox cult (that we all know and love from a Praxian/Sartarite viewpoint) to a local 'bull' cult. One that now seems to have lost the disorder and eternal battle affiliations shifting over to just Beast and Man?...Harmony? I realize this maybe simply be just the GM's issue, but it would be good to get an idea of how much we can 're-skin' a deity to suit its new cu
  2. 1) Will the up coming cults book show the cross-culture links of the cults. In the ILH the following cults are listed: Akrolar the Bull-Horn Bisos the Freeholder Pamel the Soother Durbadath, the Lion KetTuros, Man of the City Karmanos Law-Bringer Malakinus the Learned Aronius Jaranthir Bisos the Hazar Alanabrilis the Disrupter Hum’akt 2 & 9 are Storm Bull Equivalents, 11 Humakt, 10 is suspiciously like Lanbril & Turos is Lodril, what about the rest. Will we be provided some ideas to transition the supplied cul
  3. Sage, Within the Pelorian Aristocracy, how does one get chosen as the next Mask? Is it a political decision. Can 'anybody' be chosen (right place at the right/wrong time), and the existing personality is partially overwritten by much of the accreted Moonson experience to date (with Egi advice/IT support). It seems similar to the God King, though he seems to completely quash the previous personality. As some of the previous mask personalities seem to have been of 'poor' quality, I would assume political selection, with the chosen sometimes not quite enamored by their selection - th
  4. From whose/which perspective?
  5. RIP Mr Stafford, thank you for sharing your ideas & dreams.
  6. It would be great if you could review the Int stat for various monsters as per RQ3 - Creatures Book - p4 - "Typical Int Ratings" Suggest this is added to a space around p9 - 11 of the new bestiary. It will mean reviewing most creatures, as you have removed int from all animals. Following stats make as suggestions: p34 Manticore & Minotaur Int: 6+2d3 Dragonewts Int 4d6 ?? maybe 4d6, 3d6+6, 2d6+12, 1d6+18 as you go up stages p46 Gorilla Int: 7 p79 Cave Troll Int: 6+2d3 Sea Troll Int: 7 p86 Wolfbrother Int: 2d6+6 or 7 (not x0.5) p98 Dragonsna
  7. p364, 1st sentence should be "...stations of a heroquest are great places to..." NOT "...stations of a heroquests are a great place to..." p368 in Hundreds of Carls...Miss; for servicable axe. What is "community spirit" should this be explained, I cannot fine another reference.
  8. Woops. I always pictured Arkat as a little less barbaric (ex-Brithini that he was). Until he went thru that Trolls phase obviously - regrettable that.
  9. Nice Cover. Where in Glorantha is it? Third Eye Blue cultist in an Army that has laid waste to city in Carmania...
  10. No. I think they are multiple spirits going into spirit combat vs individuals. They are not a 'game mechanic', except from a Godlearner perspective. Visually, you would see the spirits attacking the opposition, just like the Dead Men of Dunharrow. I suppose I try to visualize, then try to get the rules to fit (RQ2 rules). From discussions above, it would seem that: Primitive/Nomadic Animism cultures use multiple smaller spiirts. Barbarian/Civilized Theistic cultures move away from multiple small to more singular individual powerful spirits. Civilized Sorcerous cultur
  11. Woops... 1460 @ the Battle of Kitor where he was beaten by the Red Emperor Mask Magnificus (Rev 3.0) Sheng would have taught the Lunars. So presumably, trolls send spirits in line of sight whilst others can direct 'spirits'. No. Spirits can be allied by any counter visiting sacred sites (altars) and you may randomly get one (roll 5 or 6). Earth spirits can only be allied at the Paps. More powerful gods/spirits (Oakfed, Wild Hunter, Malia, and the Horned God) are acquired from specific altars and are gained by sacrificing a herd unit. Could the spirits that 'coll
  12. As alluded to in various histories (and the Board Game Dragon Pass) disembodied spirits seem to be commonly used as a troop type within a "central genertelan" military action roster. Mechanistically, how would people suggest spirits are used in such massed military actions; such as the: Battle of Night & Day (Sheng Seleris) Invasion of Sartar Invasion of Prax (1608) Is it a matter of Shaman types collecting (for want of a better mechanic) bags and bags of spirits that they open, release, and command to attack? Do Praxian tribal founders (Divine Spell of Waha
  13. Yanafal Tarnils Writeups Cults of Prax - Seven Mothers Gods of Glorantha Box 5 - Seven Mothers HeroQuest - Imperial Lunar Handbook 2 - Cult of Yanafal Tarnils Tales of the Reaching Moon - Tales #17 - Cult of Yanafal Tarnils (#16 & #17 go thru each of the 7M) Heroquest - Pavis Gateway to Adventure - Cult o Seven Mothers with YT as sub-cult The last 3 probably offer some useful insight.
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