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    Picked up RQ from a group at CMU in 1979, led by a GM who claimed to have learned it from Steve Perrin. Have a fairly complete RQ/HW/H/Q collection, although never even SEEN The Daughters of Elderad, let alone burned a copy, and huge holes in DW mag collection.

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  1. Wouldn't it come from Pamaltelan mountains (as the analog to the Andes)? Voyages to the southern continent have been going on for hundreds of years beyond what the RW had, so they, too, should have spread around the lozenge.
  2. Genert and Tada -style giants were the male Earth gods (like Pamalt). Their human-like forms were only because that was how their worshipers saw them, when they weren't being the entire continent or the Garden. An order of magnitude greater than mere Mountain (aka, Cradle) Giants, who were orders of magnitude greater than the kinds of giants that our adventurers kill. > Second Son became a giant. No, he just got a couple Chaos Features, each of +3d6 SIZ and rolled all 6s. Or in non-gamist terms, he just grew really big, as his Chaos Taint, even for already being a god.
  3. Alas for the coolness of that idea, the two were probably both around at the beginning of the Greater Darkness. Of course, if you want Genert around, there are all those hyena skins somewhere in Vulture Country.
  4. The Underworld is the hiding place of all, well, all everything, including runes (e.g., Separation/Death rune), gods (e.g., the unborn Sun or even Aether Primolt, back when ZZ, Xiola Umber, and AA were exploring together), and other things not specifically named, yet. To use a grander phrase, the source (or at least repository) of all wisdom. Saying that the Mountain Giants send their children to the "Underworld" is much better than calling it "Hell", more like sending the children away to boarding school, if a somewhat more Nietzchean one than Eton or Hogwarts. I imagine it was slightly less fraught back when the Spike was there, and the Celestial Court could do the teaching Given that the first known Gods War was between the Dragons and the Giants, I would tend to doubt that the Dragonewts were _allies_ of the Giants. I think that the EWF plan was going to use the buried and/or sleeping Giants like a powerplant uses a lump of coal, as a power source to be consumed and converted, regardless of whatever the giants (or more human population) might have wanted.
  5. Every Lunar Association/Clan has its own little group of Dart Warriors. Granted, calling someone like Harrek a mere assassin seems odd, but for a time, that was what he was.
  6. Just to make sure, this is US Letter format, 8,5x11 inches, correct? Once upon a time, I made up something like this for US Legal size paper, 8.5x14 inches, which gave me room to add entries for Butt, Bite, Punch, Kick Grapple, and Throw Rock, which I figured any humanoid could attack with even without weapons. Unfortunately, I typed it up on an old manual typewriter with small font size that has been broken for a long time, and my xeroxes of xeroxes of xeroxes are almost unreadable, by now. Nice to have a decent replacement.
  7. > Is it safe to equate to each other Darhudan/Darhudana, Flesh Man, Kalwoan, and VogMaraden, > they being in one way or another as First Human. I may be way off here, or spot on. Safe, no. Just ask the God Learners taken by the Gift Carriers. Possible, yes, with really good support on your Quest. Correct? This is Glorantha, where we remake what happened just for fun, sometimes? And it WORKED, until it didn't. Then the world broke, magic totally changed, and it all had to be rebuilt.
  8. What I liked was: #1 non-Tolkein (great author, but too many bad adaptations/pastiches) #2 RQ1/2 battle magic was similar to Plains Indian magic, rather than Hermetian or worse, Vancian #3 no monsters, just non-humans that we might not like, but weren't cardboard cutouts evil just because. They had actual motives that weren't mere justifications for their extinctions #4 dragonewts were cool and weird, ducks were absurdist but cool (at the time of Howard The Duck, but before George Lucas ruined it with live-action)
  9. David Weihe


    Also missing from the list is the Solar quest Three Blows Of Anger, which is covered from the victim's PoV in Cults Of Prax. While written there as a Yelmalio quest, I have seen it mentioned, at least, as also being performed by Alkothi with Yelm as the main character angered by His wife's infidelity. I have also seen a Vadrus version of the Aroka quest (just up the violence, and tone down the respect for the Blue Woman rescued). And, of course, by my theory that Charge-Parity-Time Reversibility holds for heroquesting as it does for elementary particles, quests can be reversed, so one should be able to CAUSE a drought by a Storm (if not other elements) quester feeding (or somehow otherwise embedding) a water spirit/goddess/priestess (in)to a dragon (or dream dragon). Besides the quests pointed at by Soltakss' website, there are others that are probably only found using the Wayback Machine (how appropriate, quests that the Heroplane has bypassed, like the path to Arkat's Star :-), like the Delecti's Swamp collection. Yes, in most of these cases the mechanics will need GM updating, but then that also always holds when using non-RQ/non-HQ game mechanics like Fudge, FATE, GURPS, or 13th Age (or Tunnels And Trolls, if someone wanted).
  10. But Asrelia owns the hidden wealth, not the Maran cultists, and they are less likely to go on spending splurges, being older and even more ruthlessly logical than their female children (we can ignore the male Orlanthi, who are just too emotional to be trusted) . Better to keep it in the ground under their control than mining it for today (barring catastrophes where the clan or tribe needs cash NOW!). Furthermore, if Maran can mine so well, the mines would have been exhausted during the Second Age when the locals were connected to even more trade-oriented societies than Sartar was during the kingship periods.
  11. Just got around to reading this topic. To correct the above statement, The Book Of Enoch *is* canon among the Ethiopian Jews and the Ethiopian Orthodox churches. Not HUGE sects, to be sure, but not entirely trivial, as they also claim to have the Ark of the Covenant in their keeping. PS: Just checked Wikipedia, and it is canon in the Eritrean Orthodox Church, as well. PPS: Probably canon in the bible for script writers on Supernatural, as well :-).
  12. What about the Copper Sands, created when Genert had to transmute part of his army to let the rest escape from a Chaos army? Admittedly, by the late Third Age, much of the easy "deposits" might have been shipped out, but I would expect that there would still be enough to make it worthwhile to gather it. I would think that the nomadic problem with working copper or copper ore would be the lack of fuel available to smelt the metals. Metal working required ready access to a lot of wood (assuming no coal) to turn into charcoal furnaces.
  13. OTOH, nobody in Hollywood makes it a point to bring up his Fantasy Football or Baseball experiences while growing up, unlike, say, Vin Diesel or Nathan Fillion. It might be a long time, but we just might become socially acceptable. Of course, when that happens, all the fun of "our own thing" will be gone, won't it? If you can/have_to discuss with your auto mechanic and your bus driver the differences between D&D versions or why Rolemaster never took off like some thought it should have, how will that be different from having to fake an interest in non-local sports?
  14. David Weihe


    Your wish is my command. Peyton Place was a prime-time soap ages before Dallas (not that I watched it, first run). Also, many long running series had ordering by season, if not within any particular season. My Three Sons had more than 3 sons, after all :-) Bringing it back to Glorantha, there is clearly a rough ordering of GodTime events, if only by Ages. Waha was not born before the Storm Bull, for an obvious example.
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