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    Started playing TT RPGs around my 15th with WFRP 1e, which was the system I've used for most of my gaming time until we moved on to the 2nd edition. Occasionally we intersperse our low-fantasy campaigns with short SciFi (Traveller) campaigns and mid-fantasy (RQ6/Mythras) to gonzo (OVA & Feng Shui) one-shots. Lately we picked up Ninja Crusade as some of the group members are big fans of anime such as Basilisk and ninja Scroll, and we've being eyeing more narrative games such as Jenna Moran's Chuubo.
    Apart from actual gaming I'm also sort of a collector as I believe that any rule or splatbook can serve up inspiration to use in other games, though I only collect electronically (PDF) as space is valuable where I live.
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    WFRP 2e, Ninja Crusade 2nd edition, OVA revised, Mongoose Traveller, RQ6/Mythras, Feng Shui 2
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    Not sure what to write here? I sort of value my personal privacy with regards to non-gaming related things, so I'll leave this part up to the reader's imagination! :P

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  1. @rsanford Okay, thx! I’ll send you a PM shortly.🙂 It’s very strange... The green DL button takes me to the v2.0 version of the file, whereas below the list of changes I see another link which says ‘unavailable’ as you can see in the attached screenshot... Anyway, I’ll send you my mail address, so thank you kindly in advance for sending it that way then!
  2. Has the latest 2.1 version been removed? The big green button links to the 2.0 version when I click it.😦
  3. Well, they are selling it as a settingless toolbox, and given that it is basically a WFRP retroclone with the numbers filed off (and some streamlining of the more creaky parts of its ancestor's system) you should be able to graft and bolt all the WFRP lore and stuff on the system without too much issues. The final book will likely also come in at under the public beta's 600 page count, as the remaining work until release is mainly editing and layout if I understood correctly. WFRP was and is my first RPG love, so I backed the project asap as it's nice to know I'll have a largely familiar
  4. Well, you just sold yourself a copy! I'm afraid I won't be getting the dead tree version as I'm strictly a PDF person these days, but hopefully a lot of others are going to take you up on the offer and make Rev D100 a resounding succes! Well, off to read those lovely 256 pages now~
  5. So I just went to DriveThru to check out some of the new releases of the last week, and lo and behold; I see that Rev D100 is available! Since the supposed launch date was 3 December @ Dragonmeet 2016 I kind of want to make sure this is not some sort of mistake before I start throwing money at the screen?
  6. Very late (figures I had to go abroad in the week that the PDF launches) 'woot!', but a 'woot' nonetheless! Bought and queued in the fast-lane for reading!
  7. Congrats! And to concur with RosenMcStern: now to very (im)patiently wait for the PDF version to drop.
  8. Well, personally I prefer an as high quality pdf as possible, such that images stay crisp when zoomed in (often important for maps and the like). I have access to Acrobat Pro, so in my case I can always rework/lower the quality on PDFs as needed myself. But I guess peeps who don't have access to a pdf editor might find a B&W file without backgrounds easier to print if they're so inclined, and low-res files may be useful for use on lower spec tablets that might choke on heavy/complex files.
  9. Excellent! Marking down the days on the calendar!
  10. Hi, I'm kind of a newb here, but I have been lurking and following the development of this game for a while already and I'm super-excited that it's about to be published! So I hope you'll allow me a small question in regards to your post above: You talk about the softback, but will a PDF version also be released? I've long given up on buying physical books as space is at a premium where I live and as such I only buy PDF/ebook versions anymore. It is always such a heart-breaker when RPGs that I'd love in my collection don't have electronic releases (I'm looking at you Burning Wheel), so I
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