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  1. I have a huge love for the very first scenario books for Cthulhu, these first editions turn up on eBay for huge amounts of money! I'd love to have these versions available as PDF/POD, would anyone else like to see these ? The Asylum The Fungi from Yuggoth etc etc I know new versions were made, but I think the new versions lost the beauty of the originals along the way, the covers were quickly made, the paper was thin, new art was added that did not add anything of quality to the excellent original art, the scenarios were extended, when I was happy with the length and did not need
  2. Hello, I’ve just been summoned from my sleep, sorry I did not see your email on the website, I’d been rushing around sorting orders out before I headed up to visit family this weekend, something I’ve put off for several months while I’ve been busy. I’ll get a proper email over to you on Monday, when I check the website messages, sorry about that. Thanks Richard Infinity-Engine
  3. I think in our games I'm going to have to nerf Extension to six hours, I don't mind six hours of True Blade etc, that's heroic, a year is asking for trouble !
  4. A small one, on the character sheet, skills page; the skill 'Spirit Lore' does not have a line to write the skill percentage nor does it have a experience tick box. Mentioned to me by my son, Fox'. Thanks Richard
  5. JeffJerwin, your both doing an awesome job, I'd love to send you a few resin bits that might help you out, if you want to send me your address, to Richard@infinity-engine.co.uk I'll sort a few bit in the post
  6. Although these are not our miniatures, I just can't turn down 48 models for £20, These Victrix greeks make fine Lunars.
  7. As a long time duck player, this is my duck, he is as tall as I want, he can eat steak and he's awesome If you want the duck of your dreams, get your pencils out, my Glorantha may vary
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