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  1. You mean no dodge at all? Seems a bit harsh.
  2. At first glance, it seems there is no warming up, a Dream Dragon could breathe every round. I tend to agree with you about the head's pull back and lunge forward thus deserving a dodge roll.
  3. And BTW it's not an autohit (Yerazum has 60% chance to hit for instance). As for being able to dodge it, I found nothing on this, so I guess it's GM's fiat: either you consider to be a fast propelled missile (like an arrow or a bolt fired from a bow/crossbow) and there is no dodge possible, either you considered it to be dodgeable (like thrown weapons) and it will be dodged if it succeeds at half skill.
  4. In the third scenario from Gamemaster adventures Yerazum, the Dream Dragon has a poison and fire breath 15 meters long and one meter wide. Yes, that's not very wide.
  5. Maybe a simple resistance roll would avoid these adjustments
  6. As a general rule maneuvers work by opposing an attack roll to a dodge roll: if the maneuver succeeds no damage is inflicted but you put your opponent at a disadvantage, you pin him down, you make it fall off a cliff, etc. In this case, we could oppose an attack roll to a dodge roll to see if the character manage to stay at a close distance (not dealing any damage) or alternatively, an opposed Battle skill or even a DEX versus SIZ on the resistance table.
  7. Maybe you could use the Battle skill for maneuvering tactically.
  8. Looks interesting, I'm looking forward
  9. I was thinking closing maneuver ala Call of Cthulhu (to keep it simple) but -20% per SR might work too.
  10. I voted for Chalana Arroy our good goddess ^^
  11. jps

    Dream dragons

    Sure, it was designed to be fought by beginning PCs nonetheless, knowing how this combat should be run regarding the Dragon's number of attacks is still relevant. Furthermore, if the Dream Dragon happens to have all the listed attacks then it's not a weak foe for new PCs.
  12. If my memory serves me well, I recall the same thing.
  13. What strikes me in RQ:G is that we keep on calling PCs adventurers but they are not mere adventurers: they are part of a community. Which brings me on the current subject: sure you might want to convert healing potions into money equivalent but I think that most of the time it will be part of a reward (or of an upfront payment). I agree that spending 50L per Potency (for an initiate) is the kind of money no adventurer will be able to spend on a regular basis and if adventurers can't have a regular supply of healing potions (I don't mean plenty of them just from time to time) then they won't buy any. Which means the market doesn't even exist.
  14. jps

    Dream dragons

    Totally not reasonable ^^ But in the scenario, if they fail to defeat her, her demands are going to be more and more difficult to meet and engaging her in combat seems to be the default decision for the PCs. In any case, I think I would allow her several attacks as long as it makes sense (using tail attack if engaged from behind and still being able to make a claw or a bite attack)
  15. jps

    Dream dragons

    I was reading about "The Dragon of Thunder Hills" from the RuneQuest screen pack. And I wonder: Yerezum has several attacks at her disposal: breath (SR 3), Claws, Bite and Tail (SR 7) and enthrall (SR 12). There is no mention of her being able to attack several times per round but won't she would be able to poison breath on SR3 then attack (claw or bite) on SR 7 and attack again a foe coming from behind with her tail and, last but not least, enthrall a victim on SR 12 ? I know it's very powerful but she is a Dream Dragon. How did you guys play that out? Did you give her only one attack?
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