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  1. Seseine cults are very good for an intrigue-ridden games and Succubi/Incubi are fearsome foes.
  2. I think the stat are not using SIZ because it’s for a mounted use typically for a charge, otherwise I would probably not allow a human-sized creature to use it one-handed.
  3. I think that Six Seasons in Sartar does a pretty good job explaining Heroquesting, I hope the Gamemaster pack will expand on this by adding some ground rules.
  4. I'm still reading it, It's amazing. I hope there will be a print on demand version in a near future.
  5. Amazing job! I’m impressed. I was looking for lunar floor plans on Pinterest and ended up here ^^ . I might use them for a home scenario where the characters have to retrieve Gastapakis held captive by the lunar empire (one of my players has a pierce of iron ore as an heirloom and Gatapakis is one of the very few able to enchant it). Am I right in assuming that Hortugarth is a Second Age city and that the temple might still be active, though now devoted to lunar gods ?
  6. I'm not original, I voted for mystery ^^
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  8. jps

    Hate Chaos

    Agreed, they are not facing Chaos, the average lunar citizen is probably not even aware of the evil side of Chaos and thinks more likely that Broos regiments working for the emperor is Sartarite’s propaganda (if he was ever to hear this « rumor »). I was replying to the first post which referred to Heortlings.
  9. jps

    Hate Chaos

    The way I see it: it’s a Passion. So, you might dislike chaos on an abstract level, but have you faced it ? Do you hate it with your gut?
  10. Echanting iron is not a mere technique like in the modern days turning iron into steel, t’s a magical prowess, jealously guarded by the Mostalli. A Satarite won’t possess it but will have to go unto a quest to search for someone who does. Piku Gastapakis, from Apple Lane, was hiding his ability of him to turn iron into enchanted iron (steel) because he was afraid of Mostali’s reprisals . What I’m trying to say, it’s not just a skill you have to spend points into, it’s more Conan’ Secret of steel.
  11. I'm still reading it but I'm amazed at how you captured the mood of Glorantha. Each time you put an emphasis on Gloranthan specificities and we lean new ways to bring this world to life the way Greg envisonned it.
  12. I did translate CoC chases rules into RQ:G, it fits nicely and it's very easy to do.
  13. You mean no dodge at all? Seems a bit harsh.
  14. At first glance, it seems there is no warming up, a Dream Dragon could breathe every round. I tend to agree with you about the head's pull back and lunge forward thus deserving a dodge roll.
  15. And BTW it's not an autohit (Yerazum has 60% chance to hit for instance). As for being able to dodge it, I found nothing on this, so I guess it's GM's fiat: either you consider to be a fast propelled missile (like an arrow or a bolt fired from a bow/crossbow) and there is no dodge possible, either you considered it to be dodgeable (like thrown weapons) and it will be dodged if it succeeds at half skill.
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