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  1. jps

    Dream dragons

    I was reading about "The Dragon of Thunder Hills" from the RuneQuest screen pack. And I wonder: Yerezum has several attacks at her disposal: breath (SR 3), Claws, Bite and Tail (SR 7) and enthrall (SR 12). There is no mention of her being able to attack several times per round but won't she would be able to poison breath on SR3 then attack (claw or bite) on SR 7 and attack again a foe coming from behind with her tail and, last but not least, enthrall a victim on SR 12 ? I know it's very powerful but she is a Dream Dragon. How did you guys play that out? Did you give her only one attack?
  2. I would rule that an awakened animal is sentient and thus I would treat her as a person.
  3. jps


    On average a dagger would deal ((1+2+3+4)/4)+2= 4.5 damage. A shortsword would deal ((1+2+3+4+5+6)/6)+1=4.5 damage. Exactly the same but, a shortsword can deal maximum damage of 7 compared to 6 for a dagger. As for the rationale I suspect the difference between a (combat) dagger and a shortsword is minimal.
  4. jps

    Tarshite Clans

    Is it still possible to get Tarsh in flames? I looked on Chaosium, Amazon, eBay and it's nowhere to be seen
  5. Of course not, I believe it wasn't designed to be. I agree that failure should mean they have some problems (a cow stray away, a loud sound make them panic and they scatter threatening to trample the PCs, etc.). You could narrate it or play it (might be a lot of fun). This being said the Herd skill can be augmented (Earth rune, Loyalty Clan), cows could be taken care of (first aid or simply speaking to them to calm them down); possibly doubling (or giving a sizable rise in) the chance of success. But anyway, even if it fails it's not a disaster. Sure they'll bring the cattle home eventually.
  6. I certainly hope so
  7. I didn't originally read it this way but it makes sense, I like it. Malkioni are especially powerful sorcerers we'll have to wait for a supplement to be sure in the meantime, I'd say that what Malkioni sorcerers can achieve doesn't mean that any other sorcerers can do the same.
  8. Strictly speaking: spiritual magic can be variable, runic magic can be stackable and sorcery spells can have different intensities (strength, duration, range).
  9. I don't think the reason for breaking your oath matters: you promised your god you broke your oath. That's it. Now, if you want to atone for it, it's a different matter: if it' was for convenience you can forget about it otherwise, it might be attempted. Anyway, an oathbreaking is a serious offense and atoning for it should probably demand a heroquest.
  10. I would say most powered crystals should work for sorcery spells nonetheless, under the Power Enhancing crystals entries it is specifically stated that it only works for variable spells (therefore only for variable spiritual magic).
  11. Old Tarsh is also scarcely mentioned and yet, sometimes has a modifier.
  12. Oops, my mistake. Ward against weapons would work though, right?
  13. Against physical damage? Besides Attract magic, I'd say Castback and Wards against weapons.
  14. It's a big spell, demanding the mastery of many Runes: Moon and Fire (so it's not for beginning characters who can pick only one none Technique Rune); it demands Combine and Summon. I'm not yet well versed into the new sorcery rules but page 384 stipulates "Unless otherwise specified in the spell description, it costs 1 additional magic point to increase the intensity of a spell by one level; or double the amount of magic points if it uses a Rune or Technique that the sorcerer has not mastered". Let's suppose I have mastered the Moon and Earth Rune, plus I have the command Technique. What happens? I'm lacking both a Rune and two Techniques so I cannot cast the spell The Earth is minor to the Fire Rune and the Command Technique is minor to all Techniques thus I can cast the spell. So I have three minors (both Runes and Techniques) for a cost of x2 (first minor), x4 (second minor), x8 third minor. Therefore the strength of my spell with only 15 Free INT would considerably be diminished.
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