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  1. Excellent, thanks I need to include this website to my favorites. Edit: there are a few things for RuneQuest there ^^I ordered the broken tower set and the sampler set. While I was at it, I thought, the runes tokens and a strike rank track wouldn't hurt either. Really a good website, I recommend it
  2. Lord, I missed the broken tower miniatures Kickstarter. Any chance I could still get my paws on those? ^^
  3. jps

    New player

    Welcome onboard About your second question: it depends. If you run the adventure as written it can be done in a single session (one evening). But if you introduce the PCs to their environment, let them interact with each other, with the town's people, with major NPCs, if they are chatty with Carthalo (the hermit) and, on a more general ground, if they don't rush the scenario, that could take an extra session.
  4. jps

    Darkness at Runegate

    I understood the same thing but I have no clue about when it's going to be released.
  5. jps

    RuneQuest chat at The Kraken con 2018

    And Darkness at Runegate sounds really interesting. I checked out on the web to have the summary of a session and I love it already.
  6. jps

    RuneQuest chat at The Kraken con 2018

    Thanks for sharing
  7. jps

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    So it's all coming at the same time excellent And it's soon ... even better ^^
  8. jps

    Thank you

    You’re doing a great job. As far as physical books has been released we only have the core book, but we have the quick starter scenario (1), the Applelane scenarios (3), the Borderland scenarios (ok, it’s for classic 2nd edition RuneQuest but still easily adapted to RQG) : at the end of the day, we are having 11 scenarios and still waiting for the GM screen. I am delighted: at last a roleplaying game company that understands that RPGs are about playing and releasing scenarios. I’m coming (from RuneQuest of course but also from) Vampire the Requiem and, I can tell you that it’s not a given (and Lord knows I love Vampire). So that’s just a little post to tell you that your efforts are not being under appreciated unto me (and probably unto us all). Long live RuneQuest
  9. jps

    Engizi Question

    Eurmal is a difficult cult to grasp: thieves, assassins, pranksters. They are disruptive and sometimes dangerous yet, Eurmal was a Lightbringer (although an unusual one) and therefore, there is a Eurmal initiate in every Orlanthi council. They serve as buffoons in the medieval sense of the word (those who could make fun of the lord/king), nonetheless, contrary to their medieval counterparts they are sometimes also thieves and assassins. Quite difficult to grasp.
  10. jps

    Engizi Question

    It sounds like a good idea and I don't think there's anything preventing a smuggler from being an initiate of the river cult (Engizi has not been developed a lot as far as I know). The rat is a nice touch ^^
  11. I think sci-fi would be too much for them (and sci-fi universes are often not easy to get into). So I'm more with Cthulhu or Vampire (easily described for a first scenario) or RuneQuest (easily described if you start small and say: Celtic culture but the gods exist and then describe the area. I asked them about their favorite genres but, right now, they are more intrigued about RPGs in general than about anything else ^^
  12. So I should start with the quickstarter?
  13. jps

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    Welcome on board. Concerning the cool things, classics revisited: say Aldryam,i not Elves, say Uz, not Trolls, Mostalli , not Dwarves. Plus, the lunar empire, the Crimson bat and so many legends and cultures. You'll love it.
  14. Ok folks, So a former co-worker of mine asked me about this "role-playing thing a mine", he's been asking for quite a while and I told him (and his brother), let's do it, and I'll show you what it's all about. Okay, so far it's a classic. The thing is: I'm a grognard (I've been into the roleplaying games from Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Vampire the Masquerade, Vampire the Requiem, the World of Darkness and God only knows into what many others) since I was 18 and now I'm 53. I've been running for my regular group (crew, homeboys ... see I'm not that old) for decades (or maybe I am). So, the pitch is: my "new" players are around 70-year-old (yes they could be my fathers ... but they ain't ^^) and it's a one-shot scenario, plus I really want to show them RPGs are cool. I have one session to do it. I'm thinking about running the games I love the most (RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire Masquerade/Requiem). I think I'll create characters upfront since it takes one session to create those. Well, that's it, I'm asking for advice. Glorantha is a very complicated world but I think I can pull it off. They don't know anything about RPGs or gaming in general.