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  1. Although possible, I would argue against that. The Fonritans threw off the shackles of freedom imposed on them by the Malkioni and would be loath to maintain such an outdated concepts as casts (Yes, I know they divide their society by slave strata). IMO, sorcery for the Fonritans is another building block of civilization, like slavery. It is more than likely integrated into the civic/bureaucratic structure as opposed to religious one.
  2. Just change that to True Mace
  3. I just allow check and training to be done weekly.
  4. Hmm, wonder if I should dig up my old Hawkmoon supplements.
  5. Ok, so they can become Initiates and possibly Rune Lords, but not Priests or God-talkers with the Sorcerer casts performing that role? Is that close at all? Or do they 'worship' those spirits as way to access specific Runes and the rune magic they can sacrifice for are not cult specific, but rather rune specific?
  6. I am interested to see how Sorcery fits into this and does it mean that all Malkioni have access to at least some Rune spells?
  7. Call it the benefit of following the way of the Invisible God and aligning yourself with the Universe.
  8. Number of mastered runes/techniques seems like it should be a measure.
  9. Everything is relative of course, and if you can get a non-powered crystal then its a way to go, but if you can not and extraneous mps are pretty important if you planning to cast spells in any combat situation, you better have some. I would revise my statement to say it applies to martial and adventuring types of initiates.
  10. They would have to be edited. Just giving all initiate NPC a rune pool and runes will take care of some things, but you will now have to consider that they will all be a lot more willing to use Divine magic and the abilities that opens up for them. Remember that most will now have access to All common divine and at least one special divine spell.
  11. All you need is one who specializes in this one spell. Strength 25 (adding about 9 Free Int) for three hours or so to other sorcerers would not be unusual in that case.
  12. Sure, and expanded mind capacity can also be explained as training in Logic which sorcery requires and attuning oneself to the rune, especially Magic Rune.
  13. Basically what I am taking away from here is that every Initiate should have at least one magic point battery and in one in ten this is likely to be a non powered crystal.
  14. Nah, I got mine from @soltakss
  15. Crystals were common in RQ2 games, in RQ3 games they became very rare as characters found/created binding and magic point matrices. Any crystals found were given to allied spirits for additional magic points. Not sure if that was a rule or something we came up with in our games, but allied spirits could have bound spirits, so crystals were the way to go.
  16. Yes, but you do not HAVE to use it and if you do, you will get to below that sooner than later.
  17. No, but how often do you find one is what I am trying to judge.
  18. If there are limited number of positions, but I can see in many cases that may not be the case and the fact that they do not have a high rune pool makes them useful and somewhat expendable as lower level leaders for the cult.
  19. Yeah, but I meant the ration of crystals to man made items.
  20. Hmm, it seems to me it would be easier to create Magic Point matrices and binding enchantments. (I could be wrong)
  21. Some groups do well with that ... and then there are groups I play with LOL
  22. Of course it also means that the rest of the party need to be made up of closely aligned/associated cult members.
  23. Most of the time what I seen in play are Rune Lord - Acolytes. Requirements for that are much less POW. This way you can build up.
  24. Which brings us to an interesting point in the rules. As there seems to be a president for using species MAX INT for Free INT in. "A Rune Lord always resists magic with their species maximum POW and not their current POW." Perhaps as one advances in their sorcery, Magi level for example this can happen.
  25. Actually no. There is no requirement for the Rune Pool as listed in RQG p280. A Rune Lord needs to have been an Initiate for 5 years, have a CHA 18, and five skills at 90% (two of those skills should weapon skills)
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