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  1. Love it! Beware with back ups. I ended up with running two campaigns, instead of one đŸ€Ł Anyway, I like how your married the GPC with your owns ideas. The 13 treasures of Britain took me by surprise, in a good way^^ Your players left the poor Esmee behind? The rascals! My favorite bit. I love the randomness of it (Book of Feasts, I guess), and how this event alters the story in a good way.
  2. Nasty ! Love it I understand your position. But it was very nice of you. After all, it was only one fight to witness.
  3. Yes. there was the whole "The King is beyond the rules of normal men". Their attitud is totally understandable. It's just I was looking for drama! Brother against Brother! đŸ„° Uther is a shitty king. A good warlord, but a bad king. Thank you. I understand better you take. My Pendragon is much more middle ages than Dark Ages. That's why polygamy was in my mind such a big deal. Your explanations woks marvelously for your game.
  4. The cursed villa was very interesting. I like how you combine the GPC with your own adventures, and I think it's the only way to play it. About the poor Reynard, lethality is part of the game. Merlin is not a nice man, not a healer, and his healing of Reynard is a bit of a deus ex machina. I think his death would have been more powerful. As you said, YPMV. Just be careful about the balance of the game.
  5. I love your campaign, as usual. You have great players, and you look like a Great GM. I was surprised that you tell them so much of the Uther/Ygraine debacle. By the way, in the sources, Uther tried to seduce Ygraine first, not rape her. You pictured him so much as a villain in your campaign that I was surprised your players didn't betray him. I was a bit disappointed Graid abandonned all of his cornish roots so easily. I hope there will be consequences Poor woman. How did you manage that, considering it's not possible in RAW? Not a fan of the whole bigamy plot. Neither Christians or Pagans are polygamous. It's your game of course. In mine, there will honor loss each year of bigamy.
  6. Love your story, as usual. You all seem to have fun^^ But... Death is part of the game in KAP. I understand your move, but the sudden death of a character is probably better in the long run. When death is part of the game, every fighting against all odds is indeed very brave. IRL, dead people all have unfinished business.
  7. You mixed up the adventure of the Bear of Imber and the battle of Mearcred Creek. A classical move for 485 A few questions: Why did Reynard make love (family) roll in the Battle? There was no real reason. How Luc manage to loot anything with a retreat? By the way,what battle rules did you use?
  8. Good Idea! Yes, of course. I can imagine some game when suddenly, it became a possibility
  9. To be honest, I am not sure about the idea itself. It sounds a little too much high fantasy for KAP. A little too much D&D to my taste. IMHO, the KAP Campaign should be grounded in reality. Not full of knights riding griffons to battle like in Warhammer Battle. Maybe it's juste me.
  10. You could say there is 2 barons in 480 and one praetor in 500. After 495, everything became possible. Otherwise, you could say the two barons are bannerets of the Praetor of the time. A banneret is much more manageable than a count (Praetor). Did someone play with with the scattered holdings? Honest question.
  11. According to the Book of Estate, you have in 485 Sir Kynon, Baron of Meadowstream (Dorsette) Sir Tegwared, Baron of WeirstreamT (Dorsette) In 531, you have the Praetor (duke) Jonathel of Dorsette. It could be his father too.
  12. I would play it as written, but for a pagan character, I would allow a religion (pagan) roll to help him understand that if he gives up to to the fertility ritual, it's fine, but he will miss the higher mysteries of Epona, with some spiritual roll for example. It's part of the genre and understandable, considering the circonstances. Otherwise, they never learn the consequences.
  13. To be honest, in my game, if a knight makes a solemn vow to perform a certain duty, he can inspire himself under honor. He gains glory according to the task, nothing more, nothing less.
  14. Exactly. You can fail and it's OK. It's a very old school design. There is one issue with this specific adventure however. It's a mystical test for Epona's worshippers, but a pagan character will likely fail. It's a bit contradictory.
  15. It's a very good adventure to launch a campaign. Love it, and the Challenge itself is nasty ^^ Otherwhise, The Spectre King or Blood and Lust are full of good adventures for beginners. I especially love the Adventure of the Castle of Tears myself.
  16. You find this rules in the Boy King as well. It's what I use if I must. Good idea!
  17. Do you still work on this future Book about Britanny ? It looks very promising.
  18. You could buy the Oriflam Edition in french, if you can find it. It's the translation of the 3th and 4th editions, and it's 99 % compatible. (Surtout les scénarios et les suppléments régionaux, jamais réédités).
  19. BoArmies has some flaws, but is not ridiculous. The main problem is the Saxons themselves. Their list, even the "beginners list", is tough. Their army is the most dangerous. They hit hard, very hard. They are skilled, even if they fight on foot. They are supposed to be scary. It's not a bug, it's a feature. There is no time for poetry during Uther's reign (and worst, during the Anarchy). If you want to be a romantic knight during Uther's time, even a chivalric or religious knight, the setting should be against you. This is the dark Ages, before the Dawn of Arthur's reign. Of course, your players could maximize compose if they want, and even gain glory by this way. But it's a challenge. If they achieve anything, they can be proud. So, basically, it's logical the Saxon Army is deadly, because they are supposed to be deadly. Look at the other armies, and you will see they are much more manageable. My players are often rushing to their precious "sword 20" as well, precisely for this reason.
  20. I am honored, dear Sir I was thinking like you about social status during a long time. But I thought the rules are written with the assumption that the PKs are minors vassal knights, at the the court of their count. You could deal with status with bonus/malus at the first roll. A baron should have a +5, a count +10, duke +15 and a king automatically seated at the high table. Furthermore, at the court of the high king (Arthur/Uther), you may apply a malus of a -5 for vassal knights because it's much more difficult to shine with some so much noble people to seat.
  21. I was never a big fan of the "Adventure of the sword" as written. It's awesome to be the one to find Excalibur, but it's poorly written and "easy" (even if the monsters are tough and a PK can be killed with one bad roll). It's a good idea to mix this encounter with a few more mundanes ones during the patrol. Some brigands, some minors (but funny!) encounters with peasants, with a chance for a few rolls and roleplaying. The true adventure will be hidden. So, when a weird peasant asks for his goat, PKs won't be thinking "Oh, it's the adventure!" but "Oh no, another peasant with his pesky problem we don't care". And they will be surprised by a giant with 3 eyes. đŸ€Ł I think you will always find a player to be kind enough to search for the goat (Genuinely or for a check in merciful). And if they don't bite the bait, let them continue their patrol and go on. KAP is about choices.
  22. Very funny, but shouldn't it be the new chamberlain's problem? Honest question. I am not sure myself. Otherwise, this is good, but IMO, only in arthurian times. During the reign of Uther, I don't see a mayor treated with such esteem. The others tidbits are good, if you like protocol.
  23. Many people mixed the Adventure of the Bear of Imber with the Battle of Mearcred Creek for a nice first year.n In this post, we talked about this Adventure , and I presented a nice little adventure of my own.
  24. Yes, but for the record, don't buy the The Pendragon Campaign First Edition, just for this. The encounter tables (and the very good advice from G. Stafford) were reprinted in Blood And Lust in 3e edition, which is much more useful. A true gem. Yes, I love when Greg Stafford speaks a bit about him. BUT. For the record, you confused two different books. The "best" Mordred, according to Stafford, came from The Once and Future King. The exact quote about Mists of Avalon is: I partially agree by the way. True about Guenever, less true about Morgan. I hated this book from day one. With the recent polemics surrounding MZ Bradley, I understood much more better my own feelings.
  25. To integrate the status in the seating rules, you could give a bonus/malus, considering the size of the feast and the status of the knight. For example, a vassal knight may have a -5 malus at a huge royal feast (he is basically a nobody), no malus at the court of his count, and a +5 bonus at the feast of an another vassal knight. For the ladies, you could have Chaste, modest, sober, and the like, to reflect the views of the ideal lady of the times (ie meek). In my houserules, only the winner gains genialityx5, if he beats the threshold as well. The others gains their geniality in glory. The official rules are too much generous to my taste (You win more glory with a feast that you gain glory from a tournament).
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