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  1. STR 32 is plenty to slap around a group of goons. Damage resistance 12 is pretty good but she's not completely bulletproof is she? So she's got to fight smart and sneaky, take 'em by surprise and not have scruples against fighting dirty if she has to. Very pulpy!
  2. What? Undead Revolutionary War soldiers who behead random travelers isn't good (or is it bad?) enough? 😱
  3. Merge this with the Don Quixote thread in the Pendragon section and the Sancho Panzer meme and we've got a post-apocalyptic campaign on our hands! I can totally see Don Quixote on his faithful hog Rosita taking on Washington Irving's Headless Horseman on some deserted Mad Max stretch of highway.
  4. 1981, from the guy who brought you flesh-eating zombies in the first place.
  5. The original version of Star Lord was much more of a Space Ghost type character than the thieving rogue we met in Marvel's recent Guardians of the Galaxy movies. But yeah, Space Ghost is a manageable "cosmic" hero, as is Adam Strange (basically, John Carter with more clothes). When we get to guys like Adam Warlock or Marvel's original Captain Marvel , or any former herald of Galactus, things get dicier. However, doing Lensmen (Green Lantern Corps before there was a Green Lantern) is certainly reasonable.
  6. When do we get to see your write-up? 🙂
  7. (Darth Vader voice) "Ahhh, yes, a sister. If you cannot be turned perhaps she can!" Luke/Merlin: "Nooooooooooooo!"
  8. But that raises the question, was it really an alien entity or the effects of the nation's new favorite "medical" substance? Because you know those alpacas are totally toking it up behind the barn regardless of what the humans are doing over by the well.
  9. And her highest destiny is to hook up with a Conan wannabe on an alien world? I suppose it worked out for John Carter, but come on, Niven, it's been done already.
  10. Angel wrasslin'. Sort of like gator wrasslin' but with greater collateral damage. 😁 There does seem to be a difference in how angels are depicted in the Old and New Testaments. In the latter, angels are all glowing and dressed in white robes and the humans immediately know something unusual is up. In the Old Testament angels show up incognito looking like anybody else, and the human host only figures out that the guy in the dusty hoodie isn't a traveling salesman about halfway through the conversation. "Oh, boy! I'm in trouble now!"
  11. But that's the point I was making earlier; the relationship is supposedly what drives the plot of the book (and indeed the course of human history) but at the end Brown casually tosses Wu aside as if she'd only met him the night before and hadn't gone home with him. I'm like, "Wait just a darn minute, y'all."
  12. Jacob survived, with his hip permanently out of whack. Hate to have his chiropractor bills. 😉
  13. "The [Mosuo] women are not deferential," says Choo. "Women speak very confidently. And if they have a strong opinion, they won't hesitate to voice it loudly and firmly." Hmmm, my wife is neither Chinese nor from a matriarchal culture but she has no problem expressing her opinions -- strong or not -- loudly and firmly. 😳 And you're taking your life in your hands if you dare call her a Jezebel. Speak softly -- and put down that stick, you fool! Don't want to provoke her. I wonder if the female rabbi is overstating her case. After all, there are other queens (and female judges) in the Bible. And in the gospels Mary and her cousin Elizabeth talk their heads off but we barely hear a peep out of Joseph or Zechariah (of course, the latter was struck mute by an angel). The instances I can think of when a biblical woman addressed someone as "my lord" or referred to herself as "your maidservant" are when she was confronted by an angel or other divine presence (Mary talking to Gabriel) or dealing with a social superior (Ruth talking to her boss Boaz). In similar circumstances the guys are deferential, too (don't want to piss off a divine messenger capable of casually destroying cities).
  14. Been discussing this over at yog-sothoth.com. Eager to see it when it comes to my area. Early reviews are glowing (with eerie, never-before-seen colors).
  15. Many strong-but-can't-lift-cars characters are better known for their secondary powers or special skills. What can your hero do that stronger characters can't?
  16. "Murder in the Footlights" is free and simple. I'd downplay henchman Otto if possible. He might be too much for a lone adventurer to tackle. https://www.chaosium.com/content/FreePDFs/CoC/Adventures/Murder in the Footlights - A Free Adventure by Chaosium.pdf
  17. Now, if you want a character who can lift and maybe toss cars around, STR 60 is certainly the way to go.
  18. Captain America certainly has peak human strength but lifting a Jeep should be beyond him. For comparison, my villain Aurochs has a STR of "only" 40, enough to barely lift a small missile or trainer plane but not enough to hoist a VW Beetle overhead. I would use the BGB object SIZ chart to determine how strong your prospective hero will be. http://www.marveldirectory.com/individuals/c/captainamerica.htm Captain America max lift 800 pounds.
  19. "But it's got great, pointy teeth!" Is it just me or does that initial article on medieval cats have a whiff of anti-Christian, or at least anti-Catholic, bias about it? The other references listed seem to depict a much more positive view of our furry feline friends. "Turn again, Dick Whittington, lord mayor of London!"
  20. Reaper Bones line also has a nice pack mule model, a companion for their suitably laden pack rat figure! I couldn't resist.
  21. I think the whole "burn the daub and wattle buildings every 80 years" thing is interesting. Intentional clearing the city of accumulated vermin or the result of war/civil conflict? Or maybe someone just got careless with a lamp.
  22. Not as bad as Gor and much more respectful toward women, but still a big distraction, especially when the reader is 17. Plus, in retrospect the "romance" was a major plot point but was totally undone by the book's conclusion. Either bad writing by the author or bad editing by the publisher. I think it was added in by the latter in an addle-headed attempt to increase the book's "appeal." You know it is gratuitous when even the characters joke about it. 🙄 Reduced my interest in reading the rest of the series.
  23. To treat Manu's query more seriously, that reminds me of the scene from "Pirates of the Caribbean" where the zombie buccaneers walked across the sea bottom to attack a target because they didn't have to breathe and couldn't float. Now that was creepy! Something like that in a game would freak me out.
  24. The NBA wasn't founded until 1946 but we've seen Indiana Jones' adventures stray into the '40s and '50s. Who we gotta sacrifice to sign Imhotep, Jr., there? 😉
  25. Hmmm, that would be "The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini," 1966. Unfortunately, the spectral anatomy covered by said bikini was also invisible. 😩
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