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Does this river in Ralios flow upwards for a bit?


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Yeah it looks like it flows up. Since Halikiv is rough badlands I gotta ask what then an anti-waterfall (waterrise?) looks like. My thought is a waterfall in reverse, just with smallest stones and the splashing and froth at the top of it instead of the bottom, and any stone too heavy to just be carried by the river staying at the base of the waterrise itself and eroding.

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3 hours ago, borbetomagnus said:

I could see a potential Godtime mythic explanation for an upward flowing river. Player characters could go on a Heroquest to make sure that the river continues to flow upward against the onslaught of Chaos which is trying to reverse the river's direction. 

Or stop that so that the troll lands eventually form a lake! 

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32 minutes ago, Akhôrahil said:

Or stop that so that the troll lands eventually form a lake! 

Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if that's what the valley once was, a form of tarn carved out by its own little darkness era glacier coming down from the mountains. Maybe chewed away by the trolls.

It's worth noting that the guide describes it as an Endorheic basin, which aren't exactly known for having rivers that leaving them, which leads to some interesting questions about the lakes between the Rockwoods and the Mountains of Shadow.

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