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Wlecome to BRP Central!

I'm sure there are some other furries here (and/or otherkin of various sorts).

I don't know that these are very visible or organized subcommunity here, however.

You may want to look into the "Other Suns" RPG, which is BRP-ish I believe...  Hard to get -- a bit of a collector's item -- but there are rumors of a possible new edition coming (maybe... eventually...) .

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Bear in mind that your natural mammalian covering will give you +2 AP vs. kinetic attacks by any furies you might encounter on these discussion boards, and your claws will increase your hand-to-hand damage by +1or 2.  Other advantages or disabilities will vary by exact species.  Good hunting!  😉

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42 minutes ago, Bill the barbarian said:

Friggin heck G33k is there nothin’ ya can’t expound on?

Well... yes.  For example, I can't point the OP to any actual furries here.


Nor them to... uh... them

   (lack of a singular nongendered pronoun strikes again!


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C'es ne pas un .sig

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On 3/2/2020 at 9:18 PM, Skyfox_Crimson said:

I just joined this site and am wondering if there are any fellow furries who I can chat with. That's all.

I’m not a furry*, but I did recently commission a bunch of furry-adjacent art for a weird Gloranthan scenario I’ve been working on.

Keep an eye out for something called The Spy Who Foxed Me, maybe later this year (if all goes well).


* he said, making no judgements

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