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Roman Era Ship Reconstructions


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5 hours ago, Tianlong said:

A little late for Bronze Age but perhaps useful as visuals. The second illustration is almost play ready!

Don't forget the ship illustrations in the Guide pages 466-467 plus 461 & 464


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I normally use a version of the ship used in Tim Severin's The Jason Voyage and The Ulysses Voyage. Sometimes, I use a slightly smaller version. For me, they are the perfect size for Gloranthan ships.

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For initial data on the ships reconstructed, visit https://www.ostia-foundation.org/ostia-and-the-harbour-of-claudius-part-2/

I would love to see more boats from the neolithicum or the actual Bronze Age in Gloranthan art - like the double beams of the Hjortspring boat which resembles the rock-drawings of the Megalith-builders of the Atlantic in the same way that the Nydam boat (contemporary to the boats above) resembles Viking ships and Hanseatic cogs.

The merhant vessel differs only little from any Baltic Sea vessels after the Hjortspring Boat in the finished shape.


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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