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Stephen L

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There is a ruin, on the left bank (or East) of the Creek, just where it flows from the Upland Marsh - at the very South end of the Spinosaurus Flats.

I'm guessing this is the ruins of the EWF city, Olorost.

If any one of you good folk knows anything about it, I would be very grateful if you'd be able to share please!

I've Tales #19, which mentions that the Elves of the Yellowflower Isle once tended it's gardens, and the rich blue clay found there.  But is there any more anywhere?

Out of interest, I'm also guessing that the ruins just downriver of Centaur Ford are Voss Varainu, of Stitched Zoo fame (though I'm not sure my lot of ne'er-do-well adventurers will get that far anytime soon...)

Many thanks if anyone can help,


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From King of Sartar (2015 edition), The Argrath Book, p.157:


Olorost, on the left bank, is where the Stream joins the River. This bustling city is one of the
off‐loading points for goods going farther north. The road from here crosses the Dragonspine
Range at Dragon Pass. Here the road passes between the precipitous, and reportedly spectacular,
rock formations of this landmark which has lent its name to the whole land.

Which map is your reference?

If it's the map on p.11 of the Smoking Ruins adventure module, then yes, the ruins on top of the printed word 'Ruins' south of Centaur Ford should be Voss Varainu, and the ruins below the same word mark the remains of the Zoo, which - according to King of Sartar (2015 edition), The Argrath Book, p.157 again - was near the southern gate of Voss Varainu.

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When I was writing my Upland Marsh articles for Tales of the Reaching Moon magazine my main sources of info were King of Sartar and an ongoing Q&A discussion with Greg Stafford. Back then that was pretty much it for source material to pull from. Fortunately, Greg had a fairly well detailed map of the marsh, with all sorts of named locations in it, based on his RQ2 campaign of the late 1970s.1803606434_ScreenShot2020-08-03at1_35_41PM.png.5daded3bed71e2f6bed3dd5bab3e4eb8.png

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Hope that Helps,
Rick Meints - Chaosium, Inc.

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22 hours ago, Stephen L said:

Thanks.  I had noticed the source of the tales article was a certain Rick Meints...

For full disclosure, there were points in writing the article that I was an uncertain Rick Meints. 🙂

Greg and Sandy were both very supportive when providing feedback. When I asked Greg about how he approached writing Gloranthan material he kind of leaned in and said in a slightly low voice, "just make it up in a way you find interesting".

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Hope that Helps,
Rick Meints - Chaosium, Inc.

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