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"White flag"?


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Possibly a piece of zebra hide, which is a pattern of harmony runes, or representations of the Issaries rune (missing from the rules). Both of these have been established by the magics of Joraz Kyrem, formerly of the Pure Horse tribe, and zebra riders are often hired as heralds for diplomacy between hostile tribes, despite (though originally possibly because of) their connection to that unnatural city inside their ancestral lands.

Both Trade and Harmony are good runes to show in any such parley situations. Truth is another one showing sincerity, but doesn't really indicate abstaining from violence on its own.


Heortlings and Esrolians might use the Peace Rug, found in Thunder Rebels in the obscure Ernalda subcult of Orventili Peace-Maker.  Orlanthi Lunars and Yelmalians in Saird ought to be familiar with those rites, too.


The Imperial Sigil (i.e a representation of Imperial authority, for whichever current holder of that power) might be used in quarrels between factions in the Empire (Lunar, Dara Happan, Carmanian). Not helpful in rebellions against that authority, though.


Offering libations might be a good opening - hospitality rites are fairly universal, and offering some form of "field hospitality" might be a way to start negotiations. Hard to do outside of bow range, though. Possibly offering these libations to the land, to the ground the meeting is desired.


Pamaltela south of the mountains has the Meeting Contest, which probably has initial stages that signal that a non-violent contact is desired. No idea how those might look, though.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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On 12/23/2020 at 10:27 AM, coffeemancer said:

I am reminded of the two contests that Lhankor My had to go through with the foreigners in "Lhankor My finds the truth"

That's the one, yes - one of these you win, the other you lose, if you are well-mannered, and your opponent is, too.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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I would suspect a Harmony Rune on a banner might indicate a desire for parlay.  Putting a black rune on a white banner certainly leaves less room for miscommunication.  This won't work with Trolls however as it is doubtful whether they see color, so you might be better making such a rune out of wood, or shaving a harmony rune into the hide of livestock then shooing it over to them so they will eat it, see the rune and figure you have fed them so you probably want to talk not fight.

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