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OpenQuest 3rd Edition now available from D101Games.com


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 I am proud to announce that OpenQuest 3rd Edition is now generally available from D101 Games web store in both pdf only and Print + Pdf bundle.

I've got a limited amount of the printed version of the book, with sewn pages, end papers, ribbon, and eight colour plates, left over from the Kickstarter, and that's what I'm selling until they are gone. 

I’m still in the process of setting up the product on drivethrurpg.com and lulu.com and will let people know when I’ve released them via my Twitter account, @d101games, later this week/early next.



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Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
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Since the Got my OpenQuest rulebook today thread is closed, I'll add that I got my OpenQuest3 rulebook today! 😄 Thanks Newt! I like the layout and font choice more than OQ2; it just seems more readable to me, enticing even. So far I haven't got to any bits which are vastly different in content than its predecessor but I'm looking forward to reading it in full.

I admit in spite of good intentions I haven't used OQ in a game yet; probably won't while my Elric! copies are still intact. My gaming gang is stable and mostly play what we play. But OQ still interesting to mine for good ideas.

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How hard would it be to get OpenQuest 3 an ISBN? It's not a big deal, I ask merely because I wanted to add it to my Librarything RPG library. It didn't show up in the search there, though the Jackals games do (they have ISBNs or ASINs or whatever). Several people on Librarything, including me have added various editions of OpenQuest manually, but those aren't shareable.

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