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Earth holidays in glorantha


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With christmas so close, and thanksgivings and halloween and day of the dead already passed, it got me thinking, how would one be able to fit various earth holidays in the setting? 

Some are easier than other. For example, day of the dead, which would be a day for widespread ancestor worshipping, probably with some humakt and other death and life deities thrown for good measure.

But others, like christmas and santa would be a bit harder (and i find it fun the idea of a cult to the jolly red man).

So what do you all think? Have any of you done this kind of stuff? And how would you fit your own national (non-american) holidays?

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2 hours ago, DucksMustDie said:

Day of the Dead...

In Esrolia it really happens.

"The Keepers of the Dead, an order of priestesses from Ezel, regularly lead worship and offer sacrifices to keep that great multitude of the dead happy. Once a year, the dead leave the Necropolis and travel the Sacred Road from Ezel to Nochet." (Rulebook)

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This might be controversial, but I think Gloranthan Christmas/Yule is just Sacred Time. They're obviously vastly different in terms of content, but in terms of being "the big one" out of the year's holidays, and at the tail end of the year, they thematically fit together. And not to offend anyone's religious sensibilities or to leave out the secular or non-Christian meanings of the midwinter holidays, but Jesus in Christianity has an, uh, "Lightbringer-y" vibe, even if his actual Lightbringer-y Quest took place during Easter and not Christmas (pah, details!)

Wild headcanon: Glorantha's Santa would be Grandfather Mortal who once during the year gets to be alive again, and gives out gifts to all his mortal descendants, before returning to the Underworld.

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