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Leonardo & God Forgot

Erol of Backford

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Has anyone identified where Leoardo's Lab is located on a map?

Has anyone run scenarios where PC were sent to the Clanking Ruins and if so what were they looking for?

Is there a map sketch anyone did of his fort?

I thought there was an article in one of the fanzines (other than Tradetalk 12) but cannot find it now...

Leonardo the Scientist: One of the most colorful inhabitants of God Forgot, Leonardo the Scientist can often be seen paddling his way across the sky in his pedalcopter. Leonardo is a bit mad, and he refuses to make more than one of anything. Thus, among the islands lie his armored battle wagon, his kite-shaped parachute glider, and other colorful, unique inventions. (GtG)

 image.png.b90036f8920032b30269d8321539df79.png image-19.jpeg image.png.fcbdbc199968b8ddbf470e334a63f458.png

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image.png.a1bce599966c95a86fc905bbd280ac18.png Is his fort where Selgus was or where I placed the red dot further north?

In TT#12 it says the southernmost island at the northwest coast...

From the Library of Lhankor Mhy:

> Kostern also is home to the Jrusteli port of Selgus, a major fleet base
> controlling sea traffic along the coasts and through Troll Strait. I don't
> think that the presence of several thousand Orlanthi and EWF magicians would
> be tolerated by the Jrusteli fleet, nor vice versa. On the other hand, the
> Durengard scroll treats the place as if still intact around 925, 8 years
> after the fall of Locsil. (This doesn't mean that it couldn't have been
> burnt down for a while, and reoccupied after the mostali cursing made the
> bay in Kostern Island's south a cursed area).


Would it be sandy tidal flats like this picture or would it be rocky as if the Heortland Plateau slowly dies into the ocean as it progresses southernly through God Forgot? 

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6 hours ago, Erol of Backford said:

Would it be sandy tidal flats like this picture or would it be rocky as if the Heortland Plateau slowly dies into the ocean as it progresses southernly through God Forgot? 

I have arrived at a geology resembling that of the Edinburgh coastal area, with sandy tidal flats interrupted by volcanic outgrowths and (along the southern coast somewhat shattered) limestone or deepfer layer bedrock further away from the sea.

We know that the children of Veskarthan were involved with the orogenesis of the Storm Mountains (alongside Tada and Larnste), so having some of them popping up in the region would be logical. Not all children of of the big volcano reachse mountainhood.

The bedrock parts are what was left by Worcha's onslaught, which did carry away a lot of bedrock from where we now find the only moderately deep Rozgali (and further west Solkathi) currents. Some of the missing land/bedrock may be blamed on the Breaking of the World or Chaos eating its way through towards the Spike (see the Slime area on the Trollpak map of the troll battles), but there is a huge ledge before you reach the chasms of the Doom Currents.

Much of Kostern Island and Locsil has underground structures which are possible below the tidal line, but are easier to maintain while remaining above sea level, without the requirement to run huge water sorcery spells to keep from drowning. Leave that to the Mostali. But to me this makes cliffs of clay or of limestone (think Dover, Cape Arkona, or Bornholm) with inlets with dunes and lots of tidal flats around. And that continues up north towards Karse, and east beyond Corflu (there interrupted by the Zola Fel estuary).

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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That castle is bigger than I woluld imagine for Leonardo.

I suppose any good sorcerer will want to inhabit a tower rather than a castle. But how much is Leonardo a sorcerer?

Rather than a lab, I see him having a workshop where a few minions operate a bronze (or other metal) foundry, a carpenter's shop, a scriptorium with ink and parchment production, a library, and possibly a windmill or four.

From what I have seen published or suggested for Leonardo's inventions, there are no spells involved in his creations, and that may be how he escapes Mostali ire despite his machine-leaning inventions. We know about his pedalcopter and a few "defensive" inventions. and he is bound to have patrons to whom he delivers semi-practical fulfillment of their requests as long as he can produce some unique solution. Although it is possible that his main sponsor was Belintar, who might have given him a stipend for following his intuition when inventing new stuff, in which case he might run into financial problems any season now, or at least more difficulties in providing material for his inventions.

Leonardo is bound to have some luxuries in his residence, possibly including a water pump for his bath powered by the steps of visitors, an elevator to his observatory, mechanical calculators etc.

I think that a visit to Leonardo's place might bear some similarities to a visit to Gonn Orta's castle, with Leonardo's maiordomo receiving the visitors, making deals or giving out missions much like Boshbisil does for  Gonn Orta's castle.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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On 12/9/2022 at 9:14 AM, Erol of Backford said:

Has anyone identified where Leoardo's Lab is located on a map?

As noted in my Casino Town Rumours, Leonardo's island hideaway is said to be located at Crab Key. I can't locate exactly where that is on a map because his fire breathing metallic turtle keeps the curious away.


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