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I hesitated picking them up as my interest veers more towards history than contemporary stories, but after a friend recommended these, I gave them a chance. The first novel turned out to be rather a good read, although the initial humour and banter gave way to horror aspects as the story progressed. I started on the sequel almost as soon I had finished the first one.

4/5 to the first novel in the series.

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I shall warn you that you are developing an addiction. The books are terribly  moreish. I started last Yule and have now read everything there is, and the audio-only short story. Oh, and I've revisited all the novels as audio books, which are quite brilliantly read by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. 

To sate your new craving in the cheapest way you can find bundles of the novels on Amazon and eBay. Just looked, and you can pick up the first 8 (of the 9) for 19.99gbp on Amz UK. For Brits, you may be able to get the audio books for free through your local library – there's an app so you can just download them. They have a limited number of licences though, so you will likely have to reserve them and wait a bit, but easily done through the app. 

I have a spare copy of the first volume that is pretty much permanently loaned out. So far everyone has liked it. I do, of course, have an ulterior motive – training up potential players.

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Many of the books and all of the graphic novels are available online either from Hoopla or Overdrive. But I gotta warn you; Do NOT read the graphic novels ahead of the books (like I did). There is a major plot twist in the books that is spoiled if you read too far ahead in the graphic novels. I believe there is a reading order posted somewhere. It should keep you out of spoiler territory


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On 1/8/2023 at 7:30 PM, jackleg2010 said:

Finished book two, Moon over Soho. Ended quite surprisedly. Requested book three. Only reason I'm not ordering the entire series, is my current stack of unread books is getting way too big!

I planned on starting the second book immediately after the first, but like you, my to-read pile is stacked quite high 😅

Have you began the third book as of now? 🙂 If so, what do think of it so far?

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I read the first three pretty quickly and then got worried that they would run out too fast. So I am sampling some other series in the sameish genre: Dresden Files and Elemental Masters. Pretty interesting - I was never previously that interested in urban fantasy, but these are pretty decent reads. I can also see how these three series might all affect my version of a Rivers of London RPG campaign, if I were to run one.

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8 hours ago, jackleg2010 said:

Reading Broken Homes, the fourth novel. My only complaint, is there needs to be a glossary for some of the UK idioms, and Met police terms. I have also read one of the graphic novels.

It is a bit difficult to discern what comes across as a UK idiom if that's where the author comes from... and speaking as a non-native speaker of English, the same applies for US idioms and US police procedural terms, and I haven't come across any of those in my reading so far either.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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