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A new BRP Rome supplement


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Alephtar Games is pleased to announce a follow-up to its award-winning game Rome: Life and Death of the Republic, a historical setting for Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying Game. This new supplement, titled Generals and Senators, will be published in late 2011, and contains a grand, elaborate Roman campaign that will span the entire timeline of the Punic Wars as well as additional rules to enhance the gaming experience of role-playing in Republican Rome.

The main developer for this sourcebook will be Kenneth Spencer, historian, educator, columnist for rpg.net and a freelance author who has worked for Steve Jackson Games, Chaosium, Frog God Games, and contributed to the Rome: Life and Death of the Republic adventure pack Veni, Vidi, Vici.

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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for something on Elephant Combat!

How about Elephants with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads? ;D

(I know, I know, it's old now, and distracts from the thread. But it seemed funny at the time.)

Edit: And a picture here of a Micronauts Terraphant.

However, a Sci-Fi Rome cross-over source book would also be interesting, and could supplement/combine both Rome and BRP Mecha. I am always reminded of the romanized Ingram MAC-X (10) from Guns! Guns! Guns! by Greg Porter.

... than Legolas-style combat between player characters and elephants.

Imagines Legolas wielding a Beam Gladius (or Light Saber) and fighting Terraphants! - Wickedly cool!

PPS: I recall a Dr Who comic from 1980 called The Iron Legion - Cover Picture, Blurb and Wiki Entry - Maybe something worth perusing for a published BRP source book (with tie-ins to existing Alephtar products). There is even a hook into Call of Cthulhu with Magog and the Great Old Ones.

Imagines Legolas wielding a Beam Gladius (and a Light Saber) and fighting Great Old Ones driving SPQR Terraphants! - Double Plus Good!! ;t)

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Excellent! I'm a huge fan of the Republic era in general and the Punic Wars in particular. Caesar, Schmaesar, give me Scipio anytime!

Good to hear there won't be rules for running from one trunk to another shooting the poor pachyderms. As I recall, the Romans developed all sorts of anti-elephant techniques like drums and horns to scare the nasty beasts. No need for elves, no matter how fleet-footed.

Do you think there will be any coverage of the Pyrrhus campaign?

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As for war elephants, the ones the Romans had to deal with were a

comparatively small subspecies, the North African Elephant, which

should have less impressive physical stats than the African Elephant

we nowadays are used to see at the zoo:


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