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Pendragon Community Publishing Plan

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Hi everyone--


Has Chaosium given any specifics about the community publishing (i.e. Miskatonic Repository) plan for the new edition of Pendragon?

Specifically, I'm wondering if it will allow for non-Arthurian supplements. For example, if I wanted to create a supplement about another medieval epic like El Cid or Beowulf, would these sort of projects be possible? I know past editions of Pendragon have gone in this direction ('Land of Giants' being a good example).

I've been loosely developing some project ideas in this direction for a few years now (while I've been in grad school) and it's often struck me that Pendragon would be the perfect system for such things...but I'm not sure if these will be possible under Chaosium's forthcoming policy.

Any insights/clues/prognostications about the future would be appreciated!

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Additional related question: will Paladin be included under this community publishing policy? Paladin's limited catalogue (only two books!) suggests there's incredible potential for additional supplements/adventures.

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7 hours ago, Roman said:

I would love to see more books for Paladin! 

So say we all. It's such a fascinating variant of the Pendragon rules, and the setting is absolutely massive in scope (virtually all of Europe and a few spots beyond...and that's not even including fairy realms).

In a just universe, there would be a whole shelf of Paladin expansions! A generous community publishing plan can move us in this direction.

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I think we need a complex summoning-ritual for this idea... likely calling forth two different esoteric entities, such as @sirlarkins & uhhh... is anyone running all Chaosium's Community Content programs?  Is that @Jeff?  I only know of the RQ/JC ambassador, @Nick Brooke, but I add his True Name to the summons too, in hopes he will help us track down the relevant person(s)...

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3 hours ago, Origen said:

... A generous community publishing plan can move us in this direction.

n.b. it's likely to be one standard for all "community content," without any extra "generosity" for Pendragon (or Paladin).

That said, IIRC the author/creator share is 50%, which (for small / indie press) is an incredibly-high percentage of revenue! 

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Hullo everyone,

Putting on my Chaosium Community Content Ambassador hat, or in this case a helm:

Guidelines for the Pendragon community content program are being finalised, and will be published when the program is formally announced.

Until then, the existing programs for RuneQuest and Call of Cthulhu are a useful guide.



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