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New Forum for Frankenstein


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Personally, since BRP seems to be the nickname for the system family as a whole, I think it would be fine to stick Frankensteins in the general BRP forum. That forum also bears the subtitle " The chief Basic Roleplaying forum for the Great Family of D100 RPGs". Seems to me that Frankensteins fit within that definition. 

I'm not opposed to a new forum, but it might lead to posts in it getting neglected. It think that separate forums are better for offshoots that are big enough to support them

Then again, maybe a forum centered on homebrewing D100 might work. I'm undecided. 

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It feels like it might be redundant, but I have not been on the forum long  enough to feel that out. (Not  to  derail...) I was considering seeing if there might be a desire specifically for gamer design (as opposed to play or general) questions. Again though it might very well go unused.

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As Baulderstone write, the BRP forum is the big d100 of all shapes and forms forum. While there is a OOP rulesystem with that name, the overwhelming majority of the threads within are concerned with general d100 stuff. 

A specific game design forum will not see enough activity I'm afraid.  

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Another plus to just posting the idea/rule is that good ideas tend to get ported over from one variant to another. It's remarkably easy when most versions of D100 use the same basic system, stats, and skill scores. Even if someone mixes the two least compatible  D100 based RPGs (say Privateers & Gentlemen with Legend). porting isn't all that difficult. 

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Seems like something that might be well-suited for the blog functionality here, rather than as a separate forum that might not get much traffic.

For example: post your own Frankenstein on your BRPCentral blog, get some feedback in the comments section, see if other bloggers will participate, discuss. Engage in blog-community type posts. (I don't read Rpg blogs as much as I used to, but I know that some OSR blogs would have polls/Q&As among their community. What's your Top-10 modules, what do you think of this rule, what is your personal Appendix-N, etc).

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