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Granny Keeneyes

Jon Hunter

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Anything been written on her thats not in the guide or Griffin Mountain?

I've been reading Lords of Terror, thinking about delecti's get out from the Dragonkill. 

We have

  • Appeared just prior to the Dragonkill
  • Continually Mutates from Human to Chaos Beastie
  • Cults of Krjalk and Pocharngo
  • Appears to have a tie to the man rune ( can only posses people with it)
  • False immortality 

I think there maybe a viable back story in that ? Anyone else opinions?

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Perhaps rather than being created around the time of the Dragonkill she is an older being somehow freed or reawakened at that time - perhaps she dates from the Godtime (she is incredibly powerful) and some guardian or binding that constrained her was destroyed at that time, either by Dragons or perhaps God Learner meddling? That leaves it open for her to have a history either related to the Great Darkness chaos invasions, and/or Nysalor. 

I don't feel a need to link her to any particular cult, she doesn't seem to wield much advanced magic, and neither of those cults has much history in the area. Much chaos magic is very primitive, often animist etc. I'd probably give her a wider range of both chaos features (as her body gradually mutates) and other animist powers than she possesses in Griffin Mountain. 

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17 hours ago, davecake said:

she is an older being somehow freed or reawakened at that time

I'd go along with this view. 

At least some branch of chaos marched south through the Elder Wilds and turned and melted/dissolved the Gap of Tork.  Though most of the chaos passed on to assail Yelmalio at the Hill of Gold and melt/shatter the Glacier over DH, lingering and scattered bits of chaos were clearly left in its wake.

The Festering Isle, the River of the Damned, the Cacodemon spirit, possibly remnants in Gork's Hills.  The spirit of Granny Keeneye would fit in with this - perhaps some ancient, Godtime spirit of nature/life that was hideously corrupted to forever seek out new life.

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