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Morrowind [Elder Scrolls] is both its own original creation and also an adoring love letter to Glorantha and RuneQuest


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11 minutes ago, Yelm's Light said:

Not buying it.  The ES games are dragon-obsessed, especially Skyrim, and the mythology is like a child's primer compared to the encyclopedia that Glorantha is.

The question relates to Morrowind, not the other Elder Scrolls games.

Skyrim and Oblivion are only shallow shadows compared to the atmosphere, culture and mechanics that were provided by Morrowind. They returned to a more generic Western European D&D "pop culture" feel with a few trappings taken from Morrowind.

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So, Ken Rolston worked on the Elder Scrolls, it has a big Romanesque but not Roman empire, it has rebellious barbarians, it has mechanistic dwarves who are extinct, (admittedly it has quasi Tolkien elves not vegetables with legs).  It has a percentile system.  I agree that Morrowind was the best.  I loved Skyrim, but Morrowind was better.  Now it's all over bar the shouting.

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Morrowind presented an amazing setting and managed to tell its stories equally well. By modern standards the actual gameplay might occasionally be a bit dodgy, but Morrowind still - more than a decade after its release - stands as a benchmark for CRPGs. Just because that's my opinion doesn't make it wrong.

Michael Kirkbride (one of the better known writers for TES) has mentioned trying to convince Ken Rolston to cobble together a proper pen n'paper-version of Morrowind, alas to no avail. Now Ken is "retired" and back with his tabletop buddies, so maybe...?


edit: Obligatory mention of The Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG

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Some are born with credit, *

some take credit, **

some have credit thrust upon them. ***


* - I guess that'd be the "silver spoon" crowd (or "the 1%" if you're a millennial who doesn't get the older reference)

** - Con artists, mostly

*** - apparently Baragei


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C'es ne pas un .sig

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