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Pulp Cthulhu?


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Does anyone happen to have any recent news on Pulp Cthulhu? Last I saw they still needed some artwork, and to finish the layout, yet hoped to have copies at Gencon. That seems a little unrealistic, especially since Dustin's blog post on Sunday states Secrets of Morocco is about ready to go to the printer, but doesn't mention Pulp Cthulhu.

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Isn't pulp cthulhu just an urban myth? I've been hearing about it for years!

Considering when I started the campaign I am currently running, over five years ago, it was supposed to be out in "just a few months", it is sure starting to seem like an urban myth. In fact it reminds me of the Champions computer game of the early 90's... Hopefully it ends better!

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It's not really a product I've got much interest in...

Now... if there was a general Pulp supplement for BRP I'd be a lot more likely to buy it.

I mostly agree. I would rather see a pulp supplement that just handles straightforward pulp (even though I realize CoC is pulp) and allows some suggestions as to how to integrate it with the mythos.

However, if it covers weird science and all the trappings of fun pulp, I won't complain.

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From a little additional information I've been able to dredge up from this page at Chaosium it now looks like this will be a Sourcebook for "Call of Cthulhu" rather than a stand alone game as originally planned. I'm not sure what means for the modified character generation with Traits that the author mentions on his blog. I really hope they haven't riped this out for some bizarre reason.

As for the fact it is a "Cthulhu" supplement, I'm sure that doesn't mean that you can't use it as a non-Cthulhu "Pulp" supplement. After all the CoC book is quite suited to running a 1920's historical type game. My guess is that this book, coupled with either CoC or "Basic Roleplaying" and if desired "Pulp HERO" will result in a great combo for Pulp games.

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