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Lodril's myths (canon)


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The ViSaruDaran and BesedEria story in the Entekosiad is roughly the Lodril and Oria story with different names. Lodril seeks a wife, visions lead him to the underworld, to the house of DeshKorgas the Monster Man, and his wife Annara Gor. 

DeshKorgos defeats him at ouranekki many times, wagering a little power each time, until Lodril is just a powerless slave. Lodril seduces Annara Gor with his warmth, which heals her. Their child is Veskerele. She tells Lodril the secret -to defeat DeshKorgas, heal him, for he cannot be where compassion is. 

So he is no longer the ruler,  now Lodril is the ruler. he makes Veskerele the ruler of the second hell. Lodril goes into the third hell, frees the three sisters he finds there (Dendara, Gorgorma, Oria), and marries Oria, fathers ten sons, and they rule the third hell together. Monster Man is locked up in the fourth hell with all the other wicked evil gods. 

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