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Holiday Glorantha: Dragonrise


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Apart from the perspective in the last image  I was rather thinking of the Dragonspine hills or similar draconic carcasses left lying around in Gloranthan geography, maybe the Lead Hills blocking the path of the Creekstream River.

Another site with similar features might be the Crater in the Lunar Empire, though a lot higher.


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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6 minutes ago, Skovari said:

Seems a little "small" for a Glorantha true dragon!  😂

The uplifted side of the rift runs about 11km, the lower side is about 7km, and there are a range of parallel fractures as well including some water filled.  

Glorantha Sourcebook p. 40 notes the Brown Dragon left "a crack in the earth which stretched for 16 kilometers", so yes a bit shorter, but still reasonable for a true dragon. 🙂 

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13 minutes ago, Skovari said:

I was more looking at the width?

Yes, some bits are quite narrow.  Tip of the tail in my mind.  It spreads as you walk along.  Or could just be how the earth resettled after a dragonrise, or perhaps after it buried itself again.  But definitely the only RW landscape I've seen where I had the feeling that 'this could be a dragonrise'.  Could be a good example for a dream dragon rise too.

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