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more specific dates for 1602's Sartar campaign


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Has anything more specific than "1602" been stated anywhere for the conquest of Sartar (I need to figure out what rough season the Hendriki left their tulas to die at the Battle of Caroman Pass, but an idea of the general dates would also be helpful).

Presumably the Empire began the attack in summer, when their (Dara Happan at least) magics are more potent, rather than the alternate campaigning period, during Storm/Darkness.

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It sounds like the typical Fire Season campaigning. In fact, the description in Composite History of Dragon Pass sounds like a Full Game of the Dragon Pass boardgame with the Lunars having pre-spent diplomacy to ally Cragspider, the Tusk Riders, Delecti and the Dragonewts, and the Sartarites just getting one dragon, until we get to the fighting in Boldhome.


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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I have seen somewhere a drawing of the route the Lunars took going through Sartar, with dates of the key events. However, I cannot remember where I saw it.

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I've searched and searched and I can't find more detailed information.

In the Sartar Companion and King of Sartar it states that Runegate fell on a Full Moon day (Wild Day).

Wilmskirk was besieged a week following on the next Full Moon.

'days later' Salinarg appeared and attacked the Lunar camp at Caroman Pass. The Hendriki marching north encountered the same encampment from the south side.

From the pass the Lunars reached Boldhome a day later.

I estimate that the campaign took at least three weeks.

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Remember that the Household of Death does stage an attack on the Reaching Moon Temple in Tarsh that heads off from Alda-Chur.  It nearly succeeds too.  My longest RQ campaign started in 1595 and that was one of the high water marks for the party.  I was fully prepared to have them re-write history, but their spells began to peter out and they didn't have extension.  One Wind Lord managed to get inside the temple, but I pointed out that he couldn't call on Divine Intervention, and  if he died, only the Lunars could resurrect him.  He had also used his Guided teleport during a battle on the cliffs near Alda Chur, and hadn't had time to renew it.  While he had a single 10pt thunderstone from the Tovtari tribal arsenal, and could potentially have disrupted the Moon Stone focus, he lost confidence and left.  Does that sound implausible?  Well, the focus of the Lunars was primarily on the battle and not so much on the Temple proper.  He snuck in with loads of woad and sandals of darkness, and that is how he left too.  The whole party became refugees in New Pavis, before starting a new life in Esrolia, but that, as they say, is another tale.

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