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Penalties and sanctions for possession or trade in Hazia, moonflower and other Intoxicating substances


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Has there been anything written or said about the trade in intoxicating substances in Glorantha? I know that Hazia growth and trade features in the Sun Dome County supplement but I was wondering if there were other references about the cultural norms and sanctions that existed in other regions and cultures.

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These substances are regulated by privileges in the Lunar Empire, which needs to supply its temples and colleges with sufficient amounts of these substances. High level Lunar orgies are magical affairs, too, and take their share in those supplies on at least an even footing with the temples and colleges.

Any surplus may well be traded to the populace, provided the necessary tariffs and taxes have been paid in full.

IMO there is no war on drugs anywhere in Glorantha, although some drugs are outlawed for their effect on society. (You don't encourage use of beserker mushroom in the middle of your marketplace...)

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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4 hours ago, GianniVacca said:

Black Lotus is described as 'notorious' in the Guide so I reckon its trade is illegal/heavily regulated.

"Notorious" merely means lots of people will have heard of it - almost certainly bad, wildly anecdotal tales about how "poisonous"/"degrading"/"corrupting"/"socially vile"/"degenerate"/all of the previous it is. It doesn't necessarily mean any illegality and/or regulation, just that folk know stories....

Of course some thrill-seekers will thus seek it out - which just confirms what most people believe. Temples might also use it, especially if part of a mystery tradition.

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Coming from Kralorela and having a Tong named after it, I would expect Black Lotus to be heavily regulated, and that illegal trade of it offers much higher profits that through the proper channels which would benefit the mandarins involved, and possibly the Kralori Empire, too.

If this lotus is recalling in any way the Odyssey episode with the lotophages, it is a narcoleptic escapist drug that leaves a strong craving (and possibly some bad turkey) but no physical aftereffects that would keep a man from rowing in beat on a penteconter (at least not until they perished by other means).

Partaking this drug might remove the user from normal society, so there might be a license you need to buy to use it legally in Kralorela.


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Lunars are chaos-loving degenerates so they don't mind drugs in any capacity. Old school Dara Happans won't partake.

Rural orlanthi probably beat up drug users who just lay about and smoke and grow fat and play vi ... er, are generally useless eaters. Or expel them. 

Esrolian useless males are probably kept docile with a ration of something hazia-like that still makes you work. 

Aldryami are masterful drug-growers and continuously heroquest to derive more and more interesting ones. Perhaps not in the best interests of mankind or Aldryami neighbors.

Dwarves occasionally mine a form of dust which, when snorted, of course makes you work harder and longer.

Trolls have various darkness and mushroom drugs, often quite poisonous. You may wake up in some Hell, like a prison cell under the Castle of Lead.

Contrary to rumors, ducks do not smoke quack. 

The equivalent of hallucinogens can offer impromptu exits to the spiritplane or heroplane. Or you just lie around foaming at the mouth. 

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In my campaign, i do have a few hazia growers on the Heortland coastal plain (higher, on terraced cliffs of the plateau wall) growing and setting up a healthy trade with Casino Town (there's more to it i'm not saying 'cause my players read here). My players did stumble by the farms and were unaware, but they probably wouldnt have known what it was if they even saw it. However, i dont quite know or figured out yet, what the position is of the leader of Salt Point/Beauchief (Esvulari). If he gets his taxes, that helps the war chest in fighting the scorpionmen on the plateau... so maybe good with it, i dunno.

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