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Paper Wars - Dragon Pass at War


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Not having any Glorantha specific miniatures I have started using paper miniatures. In my search I ran across references to a CD-ROM called "Paper Wars - Dragon Pass at War".

Does anyone know if the files are available online? For sale or otherwise? Thanks!


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They are good as templates. I have been meaning to draw up some image templates and put images from the web in them for my weekly game. However, my group prefer metal figures and view paper ones as inferior.

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Hi folks, the Paper Wars project still remains under the copyright of The Unspoken Word so please don’t distribute. The intention is to make it available as a Jonstown Compendium Project, however it’s a multiple artist project and I’m waiting for consent from one I the artists before I can go ahead. Dario and I are discussing developing the project further but both of us are engaged in other projects at the moment.

I will keep you posted. If you want more information PM me.

Simon Bray


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