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The Chaos Society’s Pavis Series


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It would be great to see them, if only as PDFs.

Although by no means canon, they were enjoyable, fast-paced, with lots of background, scenarios and ideas.

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I was actually able to get most of these, and you are correct, they are wonderful and very useful for filling in the holes in Pavis & the Big Rubble.

Ian Thomson was mostly responsible for these. I know he made several assumptions out of canon, like expanding the size of the Rubble via-a-via New Pavis, but damn, this was good work.

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I was recently asked about these, so I thought I would post the info I provided:

Ian Thomson, assisted by several other authors, wrote a number of expansions for topics related to the Pavis and Big Rubble RQ supplements, each batch of which got called a "Companion". They are:

  • Volume 1 is in Ye Booke of Tentacles 3, and is about 40 pages of material. Published in 2000.
  • Volume 2 is a whole book called The Masks of Pavis, and is 135 pages. Published in 2001.
  • Volume 3 is a whole book called The Legacy of Pavis, and is 130 pages. Published in 2002.
  • Volume 4 is a whole book called The Shadows of Pavis, and is 138 pages. Published in 2002.
  • Volume 5 is a whole book called Beyond Pavis, and is 134 pages. Published in 2004.

These are not to be confused with what appeared in Tradetalk magazine issues #8 and #9, which were called Pavis and Big Rubble Special Part I and Part 2. That material was written by Ian Thomson and crew as well. Alas, Ian has largely retired from the internet these days.

Hope that Helps,
Rick Meints - Chaosium, Inc.

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