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Native American / Amerindian phenotype folks?


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I know "phenotype" can sound a bit dodgy when applied to humans - but that I'm wondering is if there are any areas where we find people who have similar physical appearance to Native Americans (in its variety) in Glorantha?

We do find stepped pyramids and human sacrifice a la Mezoamerica in Bliss in Ignorance, but no mention on the physical appearance of the people there, is it?

My second guess was Onlaks or Laskal, partly because, again, there are mention of terraced, stepped pyramid-like structures in some of those cities there (although this might simply be terraced towns without pyramids exactly - though my mind went to the Mississippian culture).

I've also been wondering whether Thinobutans - usually described as being of Agimori stock - would be more akin to Native Americans.

There's also the Praxians, of course - whose societies are very inspired by post-Spanish-contact plains Indians, but most physical depictions of them seem more Wareran or Vithelan (if indeed they are consistent at all).

I suppose it's also possibly that the Dino-Hsunchen of Slon and the people from around the Swermelan sea could have such physical features, but that's more about picking out a random spot on the map than anything else. The God Time myths of those areas seem more Polynesian/Melanesian-based than anything else.

I'm perfectly open to there simply being no equivalent to this in Glorantha, of course - I'm just curious.

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I look towards eastern Central Genertela, too. Possibly some of the Praxians or the Votanki, or sedentary folk in the Arcos basin.

Maslo is Polynesian or Austronesian phenotype where it isn't one of the African ones. Laskal is strictly Agimori, almost no Veldang admixture, hardly different from Jolar or the mountains in between.

Stepped pyramids might be the most basic monumental building style. You start with a temple on a terrace, then there are two terraces, then there is a stack of terraces.

"Wareran" includes a veritable rainbow of color schemes, plus any imaginable shade of brown. A Brithini Dronar may be as dark as a Pithdaran Agimori, but facial features would still favor narrower noses, and probably longer ones, too.

I wonder about the noses and ears of the Brithini. In normal terrestrial humans, these continue growing throughout their lifetime. Ancient Brithini might live a slower life, but extreme ear and nose lengths might be typical for the ancient ones. Zzabur himself might have to use straws for drinking...


The humans of Slon - both dino Hsunchen and dwarf slaves - are of unknown racial type. The Mostali slave population might have been inherited from the Vadeli slaver empire, and be a melange of Artmali, Agimori and Warerans with some Thinobutans tossed in.

It isn't known whether or how much the Mostali intervene in the breeding of their humans. Their handlers probably include both Gold and Tin dwarves. Maybe Quicksilver too, if unrepairable ones, excess growth or casualties are recycled for food.


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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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9 hours ago, Joerg said:

The humans of Slon - both dino Hsunchen and dwarf slaves - are of unknown racial type.

I always pictured a Neanderthal or maybe even a Homo Erectus look to these folk. Seem to be very much based on the old Edgar Rice Burroughs Land that Time Forgot series.

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YGMV but my Praxians are very much influenced by Plains Tribes. Travois using, hide tent dwelling nomads with shamans and warpaint and coup-counting and all that. The Sun Dance, the Great Spirit, and human suspension rituals all have a home in my Prax. Raven and coyote etc etc.

My Teshnos has a liberal dose of Mesoamerica sprinkled in to muddy up the South Asia of it all. Cocoa as currency, step pyramids, Jaguar Warriors, man-corn, all that good stuff. Solf is basically Huitzilopochtli.

My Hsunchen also have lots of Native American influences. Rathori are Salish with a dash of Inuit. My Harrak looks more like Tamo Penikett than Arnold Schwartenegger. Telmori are Huron/Mohawk/Seneca/Shawnee with plenty of Last of the Mohicans badassery, tomahawks, hide canoes, war paint, Mohawks. Tecumsah and the Prophet would feel right at home with the Telmori.

My Hot Lake people from Pent are pretty much straight-up Incas with a bit of Tibet thrown in.

Sofali - Tongva

Sabadari - Apache/Utes




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1 hour ago, Grievous said:

I think the aesthetic may have moved on from that now, but back in the day the Grazers sure looked very Amerindian.

I thought of them as stone age Scythian, which is of course a paradox. While they do inhabit a metal-rich environment, the easily accessible metal had been harvested for 1250 years plus an indeterminate pre-Dawn time, which made their access to metal less prolific until grounder people willing (or rather willed) to dig into the soil joined their lands.

The solar fair hair on gold-tanned skin phenotype sort of excludes the application of Amerindian appearance except in dress.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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